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But on the but but I guess on the other side as well. You know all kidding aside. We also kind of reflect on the fact that this is also an opportunity. Where especially for a guy like you? Who admittedly as a workaholic? You know to take time and and kind of sit and be with your with your family this is. This is all happening attack happening. And I think you have to find the find all the silver linings on one of those silver linings. As you're getting this time getting this time with my son that WHO knows? I probably be all over the world promoting this movie right now and now we kinda get just get to sit back this weekend and watch it together and I you know I'm in the comfort of our place so right actually. It sounds cushy. It sounds like a great thing. I mean we're all in the comfort of our places to there. Is this new world. We're living in where we're having just to kind of tone down. Turn it down. Are you adjusting to that okay? Because you seem from what I hear to be a workaholic. Who loves to sit in the studio until the sun comes up and work and work and work and now. I don't know you have more time on your on your hands. Are you okay with that or your person can handle it? I realized nobody's twenty four hundred parent but so far I haven't I haven't done anything crazy. That's what you mean. What are you eating? What snacks are you loving? While you're home right now. Like you know giving your body arrest. I also think this is the time for comfort food. Yeah it's Kinda Fun. You know my son doing computer school. I'm sure anybody there lies. Kids kids probably doing computer schools. Well And the other you know for his pre his pre K. Preschool the other day for instance we did With all of his classmates at the same time on a zoom Banana chocolate chip muffins. And I had I had a supply of muffins for the next forty eight hours. You know. That's that's the type of food or eating over here guys. We're just carbon up carbon. I don't I don't want to be creepy but what you made with all the other kids in the classes like perfect stone food. I'm so in no problem. I can't believe that Trolls the original 2016 that long ago. When can't stop the feeling came out and right now with trolls world tour? Of course we've already heard the other side by with U. insists. We're GONNA play that in a second. Is there another? Can't stop the feeling type like lift you up and like Confetti fall out of your underwear kind of song on the new soundtrack. Just like can't stop. I think our effort was to sort of make the whole movie. Feel that way but we do with the plot where these are characters. Find out that there's more than one genre of music so we got to. Actually that was more the the kind of exciting things for for me being behind the scenes and working on all all the music behind the scenes was getting to work and all these different genres of music funk and classical and country and so I don't know I feel like the movie kind of feels that way And to be quite honest. There's you can't go with your real hair with just write another can't stop this feeling like those things are kind of like lightning in a bottle for me so I I feel like I feel like our effort with this. One was maybe educate young people a little bit more on different styles of music and in a fun way innocently not like a not an appropriate story type of way but in a fun way where everybody can relate to it. Well look the soundtrack. Of course it's got twenty songs on their fall asleep at least favorite thing other than the question. Ghandi's about to ask you from this interview. So far is you can't just go in and go all right. Let's record a can't stop the feeling I feel so stupid asking that question but we're still nice. I know that that that song for me. Is that on my last tour seeing when we play at the end of the shows you not. I mean you always want one of those but I think you kinda always has to have to be respectful of you. You know they. They happen when they happen. I think well I'll tell you that. Ninety seven year old World War. Two pilot dancing chocolate video. Isn't that amazing? I don't do. I seriously got choked up guys like I was like. Oh my gosh. Rake the most random random people texting me about that specific guy so chuck. You're more than a war hero. You're like Internet sensation. Now he's total bad ass. I can't believe seven-year-old ninety seven. I'm going to be ninety seven three years. I hope I have that much tank honestly. I feel like as soon as we get out of this clementine. The first person I wanNA meet is chuck. You sounds like my era I would. I would hope would like sixty seven hours like had that much cooker. You know what I mean. The word vigor by the way could be a little more victory All right I don't know if you've been watching or not paying attention but of the question from Gandhi for you. Justin is this yes opinion question. Justin Timberlake I ask you did Carol Baskin. Kill her husband. Feed into the tunnel. I'll I mean I. I'm on the fence guys. I gotta be honest. I'm on the fence. Y'All know to documentation because I just don't know who to believe you're watching and then halfway through you realize that all the interviews on Joe Exotic are like why are they sound so merciful recoup. Because they're coming for prison and then you're like who am. I supposed to believe like watching. Watching Tiger care reminds us. All of our lives really aren't as good as we thought they were. Look I did. The trolls world tours available on demand in your home so rather than eating popcorn and the theater you eat like. I'm going to be eating leftover ham and watching trolls world tour the soundtrack released on March thirteenth. And it's fabulous to talk to you. Justin thanks for letting you thanks for letting US come into your your ear hole for just a few minutes and ever need from us. If you want to get the word out you just let us know okay question really quick before we go you say. Leftover Ham like how leftover last forever. I'm going to have an east. I'm eating Easter Easter. I don't even like Ham. Ham suspects over listening listening. Here you're talking. You're talking to to to a guy raised in the south so ham is actually a big deal. Those honeybaked Ham. Big Deal in our on our holidays. So you're right view it as well. Okay Yeah and and and who knows what they're made of because you're right they do last forever. They'll outlast us. All Hams are not getting the virus so much just in some Schizo Justin timberlake on the other side. I hope you have a very safe quarantine and we can't wait to see you on on the other side. Thank you for your time today. You guys you guys stay in stay positive. Hope to see you soon and thanks. I thank you.

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