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Of hockey fans would initially bristle at that, right? And be like, what? They know, he doesn't deserve that. Like army Dave is the best player in the world. He should be getting paid the most and now they have to make it into getting paid more. And I think you lock yourself into the salary figure and then the cap keeps going up and then players who probably aren't necessarily as observing will just naturally benefit from that and get paid more because everyone gets a larger piece of the pie. And that's totally fine. That's just how the business works. I think pasternak. Is worthy of every dollar he's going to get here, right? What a time for him to bet on himself. And I think the way he's been doing it to, I love so much. He's just dripping in self confidence, right? It's like, all right, I'm out there. No, no, no, that's all I had. Yeah. What I was going to say is like, I love that he's doing the thing of like, I'm not afraid to negotiate during the season. All these other guys, I get why they don't want to do it, but for me, I don't care. I'll do it. And then he's going out and having like three or four point nights and I'm pretty consistent basis so far. And everybody's like, oh, there's another extra like hundred grand tack that on to the end of the contract. And the reason it's interesting for the bruins, obviously, is that they're probably not going to have to pay for them next year. They're probably not going to have to pay grade G next year. And that money is going to go somewhere because again, this is a team that's not going to attempt to blow it up or anything like that. And maybe you would even say you kind of can't if you have David crazy Charlie mcavoy. Or sorry, David passed or next, Charlie mcavoy Brad marsh and these are guys that are maybe too good to allow you to really fully call and fall into the mud. And like you said, with Timo Meyer, I'm really interested to see what the sharks do. Obviously, the senators are going to try to give Alex to bring it a bunch of cash, but is he a $10 million player? If foster 12, 12 and a half is to bring it at $10 million player.

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