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Short sound. She and Grasso Fox news and I'm Jill Cheer Fox there. Right now it diamonds direct whether you buy a $3000 diamond pendant or $30,000 designer ring, you can spread your payments over calling all sports fans I heart radio is exclusive audio streaming partner of the National Women's Soccer League For the first time ever. You can listen live to the biggest league games on Nwsl radio on the I Heart Radio AB. The action kicks off Saturday, September 11th at seven. P.m. Eastern when Orlando Pride takes on racing Louisville And then on Sunday, September 12th at five. P.m. Eastern When Washington Spirit takes on ol rain to purchase tickets, visit nwsl soccer dot com slash tickets. Three B's games and get up to date highlights exclusively on Nwsl radio. Only on I Heart radio bundling home and car insurance with Geico is so easy. Your neighbors are probably already doing it. But who.

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