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For an elite modernist audience, closing a circle his valedictory piano fantasy. Completed in 1957 returns to the idiom of the piano variations he composed as a young wild man in 1930. This may be the most challenging music Copeland ever composed, and it challenged him to its 30 Minutes were composed over a period of six years. We've been listening to pianist Benjamin Pasternack perform Aaron Copland's piano fantasy music that can be viewed as a summation. A parting creative gesture. We asked Pasternak for his own view, the fantasy and the works, uh, surrounding it in that time of Copland's life show an absolute Return to, um Very formal, and, uh, unpopular style of music boost people today still enjoy and love Appalachian spring or at least the most of the passages in it, that they're used to hearing in the movie or on television in a commercial Worry, and there really is barely a bar in the piano fantasy, even though it's over half an hour long that wouldn't force most people to run away..

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