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Told my the yougov you utica few your in your file their july don't where you have research the sixteen allies on our list how i spend my days normally for some reason under this i think this is some kind of self help guide for young people for some reason when i saw the title of it i i thought you might be the author it's got a picture of a aside king children the front tides simply it's not going to get any better when you grow up that's an excellent lorries is it did it you modest will teach and that lesson early on of among my particular it's not really that we'd title but i do own a copy of it was given to me a very long time ago to a children's book released in the 1960s a written by an oath cold elizabeth kilfoyle entities cold nobody listens to andrew i almost feel at this program as well a group approval will point being that the actual moral of the book at the risk of giving away the ending the lesson it seeks to impart is that yes everybody should have listened to enter hm as controversial point a not one kotome clearly no speaking things didn't quite catch on hats off to the author of this one which apparently didn't sell in big numbers the begin as guide to sex in the afterlife in the afterlife will sex and india careful no wonder why another couple a lot of debris the fact there's a begin his guards just the fleet an intermediate aren't advanced and then a final shanta if i may to c h dalton he's the author of the what's billed as a national bestseller a practical guide to racism.

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