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Decades for doesn't make it okay Per se, But it's just, you know, sort of human nature takes over in some circumstances like that really have much more reaction. We go live to global. I feel the render Greenstein as God tell us about what's been happening there. A Dodger Stadium East as it's become. In recent weeks and also some highlights in the game coming up in just a couple of minutes. Let's get a traffic update at 9 35. Here's Tony combos and those celebrations are causing some slowing all through downtown flower Grand 8th 9th of Sunset Boulevard, especially from Glendale Boulevard. Uh, Glendale Boulevard to Bo Gery in both directions is very heavy. And the 1 10 in both directions North bound and sat down near Dodger Stadium is also busy. And as you heard him, we say a little bit earlier, they have closed down the stadium. Off ramp now. Whittier Boulevard is also closing a lot of back up through east on Olympic and third and Whittier Whittier Boulevard near Dodger Stadium has been shut down. And actually all roads around Daughter Stadium are closed to traffic. You must be a resident within, I'd be allowed to enter that immediate area, the similar downtown one of one South before Alla Vita. Right around that area that was a deadly crash. It had three left lanes close that has been cleared and all that backup has since dissipated. Glendora. That's a sig alert to turn west at Grand. All lanes are blocked Ride injury, crashing car fire, Use Foothill Boulevard or take the 57 staff to the 10 West to get around That and another Singler in Norwalk, the one of five East connector to the South 605 is closed for unknown duration. That is for a crash that's backing up the 105 from Lakewood next, reported 9 45. I'm tiny compass with more traffic reports more often can extend seventies radio lows tonight in the forties and fifties. Another cool night out there and then for tomorrow. Suddenly that smoky haze highs in the seventies and eighties, and we do.

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