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Running back from the university of florida back brown and they released a rodney adams from universe every we were from universities south florida are six round pick i believe and they also released a senator the sign from houston last week so a couple of lost moves are going to have to make a decision on bridgewater in the next two weeks or yummy well casey a big past his kelsea within a falsestart they're in denver territory at the denver thirty of first in fifteen fourteen o3 to go go fourthquarter keep you updated monday night football chiefly to twenty two thirteen bangs 24 23 in the colts add this one again a meltdown by uh uh bruce set and you know the interception return for a touchdown the different to the game but i can't even watch andy dawn anymore i just cannot watch this guy aid to sleep it it's upsetting to me and between him and and and the detroit lions a cleveland brown i mean the names change but the uniforms the same results over and over whether it's cleveland detroit cincinnati for the most part i mean is absolutely incredible than that deep traitors bringing we'll get into their real quick but that that the dangle c five found a way to get it done so three and four colds two in six don't have to worry about luck coming back to shearer the rest in the shoulder still sore needs a second opinion would ever forget it andrew just take the year off and obviously that pick six affected a lotta totals better said we're thankful that the over with cash including yours truly a couple pick six as one against me on saturday i got a nice one on sunday there you go good stuff there chargers and patriots another fluky game and only twelve points in the fourth quarter are in the second half i should say uh six six the final in in the second half but 21 thirteen pats win it and cover by a point.

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