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They would have to do it in that first week of june because it's booked in the other weeks apple as always wwe seed june i mean they could go back up to the ah uh bill graham auditorium in san francisco i guess i don't know whether it's scott was just for the keynotes as well and then he went to moscow any for the act while scully that's where they and they could they could do anything they wanted mean they're not company with unnigan highlighted in the twin cities if they wanted to air but a bad habit in a flotilla in the middle of that would be swiss cool too high a practical that way you avoid this one of the reasons apple one of the bill the steve jobs theater is so they could have their announcements without the press figuring it out from looking at calendars of local venues i think they should they should tied together barges in the san francisco bay nobody would know ahead of time in google try them open win his put his twenty one page actually actually that that would be a very apple thing to do not barges but if they were to like lease a few cruise ships so that this is not this is your living space and think they're who roll but but also means that like get can they control people leaving and coming and going to control the internet access they could imagine if p imagine if if it's like people are stranded on an island of only apple for an entire week where nobody can tell the myths of what's happening on the mainland no they can't tell anybody else they can really spill every single secret knowing that no one's going to know for not for an entire week unless you got scuba gear identical toronto herbert start ironbound have would have scuba gear what would we see the ww dc what would apple talk about.

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