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This month. So hang on here Yeah yeah yeah. I need help from you guys. So i'll keep going. But the way i was initially expecting yet i really was wanting for brand new roads to make her return and promoting that fucking tv series malachi black doing his thing in erupting yet nine getting to physical with brandy but pretty much getting her in a corner. September twenty nine. Thank you steven. Pretty much getting her in a corner and you know maybe just caressing her hair a little bit or some shit like that and then just seeing cody. Rhodes out of nowhere flipping the fuck out in just. I was expecting that. So y'all now. I can't help but wonder with cody. Rhodes returning next week. What are we going to get here exactly. Are we going to get cody rose. That's going to be promoting this. Tnt series and malachi black is gonna take a couple of jabs atom verbally and roads just pretty much steps down and he pretty much retreats and maybe brandy comes out in like what. What's going to happen the next week. I need to know what are we. What are we doing here. It's still kind of feels to me. As though i here's the thing i feel. As though cody black con know where they're going but it's not necessarily translating well on tv. Where i just kinda feel. What are we doing here. I feel a little confused here. Love what's been going on with black dog. I mean they've just been continuing to build him up very cool very cool. No complaints About malachi whatsoever. But bridget back to cody. That's where i'm a little bit. What are we doing right there From there oh by the way. I can't believe almost forgot about that Going back to the whole adam cole segment i love how adam cole. Tonight grabbed at microphone from tony. Shabani's hands and threaten his ass. I love how he went to town or him saying look. I know you're close to baker was so help me. God you even. I love how he went into because he pretty much pretty much. Damn near was calling tony. Shivani there Let's let's call it for what it is one of my favorite one of my favorite fricken Songs featuring ron eisley. Y'all jews such midday pay drive me while sixty lady strategy.

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