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The perfect name chris laven was in an elevator a couple of years ago with that early okay chris uh is a woman named aurele is hurt yell lab service dog okay so congress lavan a uses chris had a dog dame parole as the yellow lab service up at so there in the elevator elevator doors open and in walked a woman holding a purse in the purse was a little a teacup poodle you know just what these little purse dogs so the doors closed just as the poodle spotted irwin and that's when the trouble started uh in an instant i'm reading the poonal leap from the purse flung himself at all the service dog clamped his teeth into the bigger dogs snow oh leaving or old bleeding all the elevator floor as soon as this occurred the woman said what the poodle is a service dog okay uh so uh she then said he was service dog so studio the the woman in the wheelchair and the real service dog looks at this what was that's not a service service dogs don't behave that way and the woman with the little poodle said well it's not a service dog it's an emotional support i'll i'll and then oppressed by this woman in the wheelchair whose service job just got bit by the tea cup poodle finally the lady with the poodle said well i just wanted to bring the dog into the building so it's all it was all phony right oh she was the service dog wasn't even an emotional support dog uh so this was in reading massachusetts um it's things like this that have spurred 19th states to enact laws cracking down a people who try past their pets off a service dogs uh so this is not already things do we there by the way the process they have to go through to get the a quote unquote service dog it's naturally filling out form online uh you can do it online and the eye because i had a friend she did it and i was that there was no way she needed a service dog or anything she just wanted to be able to have her dog at work interesting jab now there's i'm reading here gene publican state representative uh who introduced this bill in in the state of massachusetts she sank today any pet voter can go online and by a vest for a dog to pass it off the.

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