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We had seven left by Tober. That's how hard he works. He said, and I stuck with it because I just wouldn't quit, right? That's how I became a good basketball player. But every other than that everything every other team, I got cut from and I my parents said, oh, you would cry and then ten minutes later, you get back up and you'd be doing it again. But you cry we felt so sorry for you. And I said best thing that ever happened. So yeah. Best thing that failed teacher in my entire life. And the fact that I was not a great athlete. Best thing that ever happened in my life because now in my middle age, upper I don't have the pain that a lot of these athletes. Have another time you get to be our age. No knee replacement hip replacement nothing like that. I played golf with the guide met on Saturday. You know, he's my age -tuni- replacements. Yeah. So. Yeah. So all benefit you in the end. I went onto other things. But you have no talent. Yeah. I mean, that's that's that's it. I went onto other things I wasn't athletically inclined. And I went onto other things it shaped the person. I I am. I'm not ashamed of it losing. I had no fear of losing any more a failure anymore. No, no, no. I wonder the people that you know, fear of succeeding. I never had that fear. Fear. I never had seating. Yeah. Now, I've never had that fear either eight six six ninety redeye. In addition to being required by law. Pre and post trip inspections are vital to the safety of professional drivers conducting thorough pre trip inspections allows you to catch any problems before heading out on the.

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