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We've made the process fast. Easy and affordable. Don't wait another minute. Wrexham dot com is now offering sample. Pack prescriptions of ed medication visit rex. Md dot com right. Now that's r. e. x. md dot com. You're listening to wrestling observer. Live with bryan. Alvarez and mike zimmer v on the sports byline broadcasting network show bryan alvarez here wrestling observer alive a mixture v also wrestling observer dot com if you're watching on twitch. we just had the quiz game with denise. I never play to unfair but the needs will be later on tonight for her usual post. Show for a w and t what you say. Hold on a minute. She does a post show for. Aws next well. What's going to happen. Stay tuned every body. If you're a fan of wrestling observer dot com some some cool stuff come in so anyway tonight scheduled for the w e an x t show here tonight one match. It's really quite simple. So we have a battle. Royal with bronson re-texture. Dexter loomis kushida leon. Rough cameron grimes austin theory roderick strong. La night isaiah swerve. Scott pete done tyler rust in jake. Atlas twelve men. The first six or eliminated are just geeks. The last six based on the order of limitation will be seated into a gutless match which is not really a gauntlet match. It's a elimination chamber match without a chamber. Every three minutes a new man will enter this. This is the first night of takeover by the way and when there's one man left he is the winner and then he will face jenny gorgon over the north american title on night two of nfc takeover which will be available only on peacock got it. That's the that's the big match tonight so first off. Hopefully we don't have some sort of outbreak because we got twelve guys scheduled for this match here and also the only matched that i've seen official but i've heard of some other matches that are going to be taking place potentially tonight which involve people in the battle royal. Because it seems we've got limited roster or something. I don't even know but that's tonight and for eighteen w dynamite. We have kenny omega and the good brothers versus deluce. Brothers and laredo kid. Sounds incredible cage. Debuts face frankie kazarian we have arcade anarchy with kip sabian and miro versus orange cassidy and chuck taylor which they haven't hammered this home but if george cassidy and chuck taylor lose chuck has to be muros butler forever. Even though storyline mirrow doesn't seem to care about having a butler. So i think it's pretty clear what's gonna be happening here tonight. Cody rhodes will face. Qt marshall in an exhibition match. Jon moxley faces cesar baloney. Feel like i saw that match me with some other guy that did jon moxley. Faced am jeff. Jeff will give his gift to the pinnacle and by the way is a gift all of you. If for some reason you miss the brian and vinnie and granny and craig show last night. Granny was doing her wrestling report. And i don't know how she got it but she reviewed the exploding barbed wire death match with jon. Moxley and and kenny omega. She says the review with both of them. That's on the show to do with you. Idiot reviews the match. What are you talking about. I thing mike says on the show. Today's out to lunch so anyway go listen to that. Come on have some fun here. Are you thinking of nick colorado. As far.

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