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By Alan Somers. This is talk radio six eighty WCBS. It's time now for the garden club. Here's your host. Alan somers. Hello and good morning. And let's talk gardening. I have open lines for one hundred ninety hundred sixty six eighty one eight hundred nine thousand hundred six six eighty first before we get a special announcement. Now, this is in advance announcement because. My operation, and I don't want the slips the cracks November temp Saturday, the Maryland orchid society is having an orchid auction and sale. Hundreds of walks of orchids in bud and bloom. Depre-? Pre priced egg instant action plans to free admission free registration where is it knights of Columbus hall, ten ten Frederick road. Caitlyn's ville. Previewed eleven auction starts at twelve and runs till four. They have a four hour auction. Make going to have to have a lot of plants. If they got a fast auction near anyway. And I understand they're going to have a few non orchid house plants there. Also a few. Anyway. Again next week. If you didn't get all that this week. Let's go to cherry hill. New jersey. Good morning, gray. Ray you with us. Hello there. Good. Variegated? Plan and as the new growth coming out on them isn't Farah gated. I was wondering if that's unusual problem. Well, the new growth green growth a takeover. Yes. Yeah. So what you gotta give if you want to keep them berry gated. You've got to cut off all the green growth. The flower color will be the same when they're in bloom. You won't notice the different and yes, most variegate Zale us are very much prone to that happening. So so any new growth on it wouldn't be variegated? No, usually. The new growth is variegated. Oh, okay. Most of it is. But if you get a branch that's green because it has more chlorophyll it tends to take over. So occasionally, you'll get a green branch on variegated plants. You'll get a.

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