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Wage lynnwood resident marvin kreiner works as a security guard at medical dispensaries and la he came to the job fair hoping to drum up more worked for his company is actually a good opportunity for a lot of young people that may be did a go to college where they they can make a decent amount of money and take care of their families two lynnwood city council numbers show up including i day castro who pushed for passage of the pro cannabis ordinance a year ago i wanna make sure that you are thought paul all wanna make sure that more would look that all the makois alibaba un right back in her office at city hall castro says this working class city has been financially struggling for most of her ten years on the council that's why she wanted to attract cannabis businesses early on creating jobs and increasing tax revenue for me it was an opportunity to bring economic development into the community and take a business that unfortunately has already been thriving in the black market in our communities and bring it out into the light lynn woods moved to welcome legal pot has spurred a rush on hold neglected industrial real estates really one of the first cities in which there is no real marijuana businesses being built attorney aaron hers bird has been involved in a number of property deals in the city and he says of those who passed on lynnwood now wish they hadn't i told them all that they should our cotton into lynnwood and they kind of thought i was crazy i got in a lynnwood on my acquired rose state route hydrogen three dollars per square foot now you can't acquire for three hundred dollars of foot one of the entrepreneurs who did manage to buy space is arthur schvartzman it was them to for awhile linked over.

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