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Birthday presi listens he listened he's gonna listen to this episode because you were talking about what i was reading and he was very interested great so i can't reveal but i will reveal soon on the podcast the first really good gift because now that like not that i have a lot of money but now that i have some money at all i was like i want to get my parents in nice gift i've never been able to do that so i got them the first ever nice gift and i will review on the podcast soon with that was because they'll be cleared to pencil what was katrina reading i don't know i think it was probably something something a little bit lighter than ghost warriors i couldn't say it was let's go ahead and make pachinko but yeah let's say i'm only breakfast in particular because rita you're a big reader what are you reading right now i'm reading while i just finished our guest's book that's true and i'm reading some other stuff for the pod for some people were going to have on that i'm really missile oh this is cryptic information buck is the is the birthday gift to got his dad because he reading listeners you gotta just have to stay tuned for information okay but let's talk about what we both read and it's the first book by our resplendent guests to is the second lost against the lost episode okay so i didn't wanna bring it up because it's such a sensitive topic with hp just have to bring it up just ones as fully traumatized by this and like listen this we had lost episode it was an amazing episode with our guest and it's okay we lost the audio right after we did i don't think so honey did i don't lead to all three i don't think so honey's our guest turned an incredible i don't think so honey and i don't want we'll talk about what it was especially moved on to other topics right but it was really heartbreaking it was it was making a great intro.

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