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With the hashtag returned to civility komos carleen johnson reports throw the nearly ten minutes nick morris rogers smoke on a theme of unity inspired by martin luther king some in the crowd were more interested in showing their disdain king when on like that for the entire time she ended by saying she was inspired by the turn out by the science and even the protests but then said look keep talking and let's keep it dignified had her ilady go kate i'm going to copy that you don't agree with or maybe thrown at inc angry and let it be willing to have created a conversation with and it will be covered opinion you know then with gortat between two people is there story carleen johnson komo news time to ten sport stood at 40 past the hour here on your home of the huskies but first we go to the land of the kuhne tom glasses there's sports boston pullman patrick churn officially on board is the new athletic director at washington state making his way to pullman from florida atlantic university where he led the sports programs there for the past five years after you by the way conference usa school john replacing bill moose who left to become athletic director adnan brassica and he will be introduced chun will be at a press conference in palm and tomorrow husky coaches show coming your way tomorrow as well six seven tomorrow evening all basketball with head coach is jodie win and mike hopkins whose club comes off a are split on a road trip that took them to utah in colorado they'll returned to action sunday at home against the cougars yesterday coach wins club got their first conference win by knocking off washington state ab top 25 college basketball poll zara out for this week in the men's paul villanova one followed by virginia purdue duke kansas rounding out the top five gone zagre dropping two spots in the fifteen th position in the women's eight people uconn won

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