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So get ready for a fantastic love letter for all things fantasy everyone 'cause this world is really really weird. But like in the best way, it's very funny. It's totally like right up your alley if you're into fantasy, but mostly it's Tig tone. The quest begins. Everyone January thirteenth at midnight. Only on a dull swim. All right. We are gonna finish with comment card only two segments this week because we had a good long up period. Read a couple of your questions this from Emily Martin. Hey, Chuck, did you cry? When Romney Malik when best actor for playing, Freddie. Mercury. Because I did tell you. What Emily I did not cry because I did not see that live. We didn't watch the Golden Globes did see the speech online afterward and was was moved, but not moved to tears because it was like on my phone that was a real upset that was a real upset. Yeah. Sure. Because a lot of film snobs did not care for that picture. And I know you enjoyed it. Very much. Yeah. I haven't seen it yet. And I'm sure it's a lot of fun, performance wise. You cannot fault the guy. I can't imagine, you know. Yeah. In that one. I think it went best dramatic picture is a new one a lot. Now that I know about Adam ruins everything. Maybe the best guardian party. It's interesting that move. He was so so plagued with problems because it lost its original star lost its original director. They apparently had a lot of problems with the Queen camp controlling the narrative and not letting them put certain things in and that was a big beef with the movie people like they glossed over some stuff. I know you don't need. It. Didn't see it that way. But it's interesting, but it did. But I just loved it. It seemed like a lot of that's the thing about this kind of movies though. It's never gonna be perfect. It's never going to be exactly accurate or exactly right. So it's all about kind of like making it a fun depiction or like, a, you know in Queen the music of Queen. Anyway is all about big theatrical fund. Why wouldn't that be what the movie would be like? Absolutely. I I'm all for it. Yep. We'll do..

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