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And we continue with the story of Steve off the missionary of Wall Street here on our American stories by the way we've been shattering stereotypes we do this every day here on our American stories weathers the drug addict the inmate in this case Catholic stereotypes and now let's continue with Steve office remarkable story and once again he brings us back to the streets of soho in New York City it's late at night in December cold as heck black is stark and can we find the missionary along with some there under the street lamp in the light if you will and a group of French people come by and I asked them if they're Catholic and they say new we are not Catholic the missionaries as a commodity in French French Catholic they say you will what what are you and there's this one man engaging with me we've learned over time that when someone responds even negatively there's something on their mind actually but there are two young roads heading off to a restaurant and they're hurrying along and they're uncomfortable he's even talking today they're passing through the circle of life and as he gets to the end of the the the arc of light there I CM and I ask you know what are you that and he responds we are nothing he'll probably lost in translation moments perhaps but he understood English well enough that he could read my eyes at that moment N. responded almost tearfully you know what he was actually signed I'm sorry to tell you Alex that I stood there in the safety of the late and I didn't pursue him they dragged him off into the darkness inside the store you know it's you know and I'm left now for this young man every day I don't know what happened to it I think I kind of failed the moment I'm doing the best I can and I think the other missionaries feel the same way about collectively something happens and in this case we don't know I mean this young man was paint in some ways maybe the story is better than I hi hi imaginative but one thing that was also known the theme of the mature Wall Street is the missionaries learn from their experiences and one of the things that I took away from that experience was vital mission is if we can't let this kind of thing happened we've got to walk we kind of work with people they're busy we can't let him get away from us and so your later we're out there and again a group of young young women the actual address heading off to a restaurant are you Catholic anyway her counselor no no no it's Kathy Catholic well you're Catholic so they're rushing off now all of us are going to a restaurant so me and this young woman are walking along and the more we talked the more we realize that she's got some issues and I finally get her to understand that she has a way of resolving this by going to soccer reconciliation and receiving forgiveness at some point a couple blocks from the church she stops and says I'm going to confession and her friends are freaking out what do you make of that we're going to dinner and I say to them listen I thought your her friends I mean she can find you and she knows where you're gone if you were friends you would care was good for her she she feels like she needs to do this and so they let her go and then there's a mass I come out of the mass and she's still there she sent me back to the church crying tears of joy waiting for me and here thanking me for for simply having hung in there with her you know and so we learn we learn from our mistakes that's what human beings do hopefully this near the end of the story and we're on a mission it's Monday night and Evelyn who suffers from I'm curable blood cancer but it struggled through it and yes gun came a few times and they keep it going she she faints and we have to get up at a hospital but she insists I know you think I'm a bad house which is a site hi get down to mission on she tried to talk me into this so I go down without her then on Tuesday she's trying to get herself out of the hospital trying to figure out what's wrong with her but they can't quite figure it out but she's feeling better by Tuesday the final letter goes he comes down but while she's in the hospital waiting to be released one of the nurses comes up to see her a woman named Marianne and says excuse me I wasn't like involved with your case but I noticed that you were praying the soldiers thinking might become and they begin to have this discussion and it becomes clear to Evelyn that this woman has a very big problem on our hands and needs to get to a priest for the soccer reconciliation they're both crying and she says I can't I'm working all week double shifts and also find out why you know just one of our so famous for his holy Thursday and this missionary is out there by himself he sent everyone and it's already six forty five there are no pre slapped but he hears the lord asking him to stay and this chief investment officer type a rational human being who had refused to even be involved in the exercise ten years earlier stands there in the rain for no apparent reason other than he got the sort of ask to do so thanks and then this woman shows up yes Sir she's Catholic she is your conversation she begins talking about this woman that she met named Evelyn and in the missionary figures out my goodness this is this is the woman from the hospital because everyone had told me this story no one knew about it I knew about and I realize who she is and I hi settles I gotta I gotta confess something T. on on that one's house and I know everything I know the whole story she told so she breaks down in tears I suppose or get your process so so now we got her priest and she stays with us for the mass afterwards and once his account gives a homily about how through reconciliation the lord converters from centers to saints and we join the promised one and she says to me after mass zero eight I feel like I'm in the promised land.

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