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Call for confirmation conditions equal housing lender listens office it's an analyst over thirty thirty five and local twenty four seven ten ten wins news watch never stops you give us twenty two minutes we'll give you the world leading forty seven degrees cloudy at ten twenty on Paul James here's what's happening I suspect is detained in a police involved shooting in queens democratic presidential hopefuls have just wrapped up a debate in South Carolina we will have a live report from Charleston ten year old girl struck and killed by a school bus in east New York it's like tolls will be going up in the New Jersey Turnpike in the garden state parkway but by how much secular calling for a damp night some clouds some fog a little bit of drizzle of timeless pop rock he slurred Tommy John surgery for Luis Severino his Yankee season is over the raiders beat the islanders and over time the devils beat the red wings four to one margin to Carrow road Bloomberg investors flee stocks the Dow lost eight hundred seventy nine points to its lowest mark in four months what's next on ten twenty one traffic transmitters carried a focal in New Jersey on the northbound side of the garden state parkway right near I seventy eight we have a disabled vehicle that takes out the right lane southbound side of the deacon just near the Macomb's dam bridge I have another accident that blocked the right lane westbound side of the cross Bronx heavy Webster Avenue back to the George Washington bridge southbound side of the FTIR we have an accident at fifty third street those delays go all the way back up towards ninety First Street things are then heavy on the eastbound side of the B. QB prospect expressway to the Brooklyn battery tunnel and here's what we see on long island's big three through Nassau County L. E. is quiet for you northern and southern state parkways are looking good and transit's Northeast Corridor line still dealing with delays in both directions after an earlier accident rail tickets are being cross honored by the bus system alternate side parking rules are suspended tomorrow for Ash Wednesday meter rules will be in effect here's what you need to know about your bridges and tunnels at the George Washington bridge inbound traffic starting to set up for overnight work it's around fifteen minutes out found both the upper and lower levels dealing with closures for overnight construction that's a twenty minute ride Lincoln tunnel bus intent in or out of town it's in good shape politic way free both ways as well I'm Kara develop or next report at ten thirty one on ten ten wins news time ten twenty three a police involved shooting.

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