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Okay well those astros had nine walk off wins and let's see oh my goodness okay july nineteenth through july twenty third they walked off against the mets and roger mcdowell twice than they walked off against jeff reardon floyd yeoman's and tim burke we had a craig reynolds walkoff humber on the ninth we had a kevin bass walkoff fielder's choice that's boring in the fifteenth then we had a jose cruz walk off single against jeff reardon than we had a glenn davis walk off home run then we had davey lopes walk off single scoring dickie thon has been fun i assume it was to combine and that was in the eleventh so they had five consecutive walkups wins including three in extra innings which is pretty sensational only two of them came with nobody out so there was a little bit of drama but how did that astros team actually do entry six wins were pretty good and let's say they lost in the right they lost in the nfc s two mets so yeah that's funny they was to the mets whom they walked off against twice in that streak let's see before the off streak they won three nothing against the mets and after the walk three one nine two three it's the phillies but yeah i his really nothing else to do here that's a lot of walk off wins and rowen ultimately they still often the playoffs baseball's me and in september they lost consecutive walk off games to all right sam says what is the mendoza line for wrc plus so of course everyone knows the those align named after marian does a it is a two hundred batting average which mendoza was usually hovering around so sam says that is the wrc plus below which is impossible for a fulltime player to be an above replacement level major league player basically how bad in offense a player can a player be and still provide sufficient positive value to make them playable i'm not sure exactly the best way to enter this question but i did find that in two thousand seventeen billy hamilton had the lowest wrc plus of any qualified better who finished above one.

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