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Island Steel is traffic and weather Station news radio 9 21 47 FM. Wh JJ Providence and I Heart radio station. More 9 11 victims identified Jack Callahan Fox News Only days before the 20th anniversary of the September 11th attacks on the US remains of two more of the victims have been identified. The New York City medical examiner Says they used high tech DNA testing to put names with the 1646th and 47th victims at the World Trade Center. But more than 1111 100. Other sets of remains are still unidentified. The alleged mastermind of the attacks in the U. S military courtroom at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, yesterday. Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, better known by his initials KSM, charged with killing nearly 3000 people on 9 11 his idea to hijack the airliner sporting Kuwait case, then went to a small college in North Carolina before graduating to a life of terrorist And beginning in Afghanistan for the five Gitmo detainees were not wearing masks. All their lawyers were all the female attorneys for the five prisoners were wearing hijab and covered head to toe conservative Islamic attire on the orders of KSM. I'm told female U. S military lawyers defending the detainees at taxpayer expense. We're not they're bracing the court proceedings for prayer time. Two of the prisoners were US military desert fatigue jackets. Fox News witnessed all the five detainees together, smiling and waving at each other the first time together in court over 500 days like his Lucas Tomlinson reports, there is still no Trial date scheduled President Biden toward flood damaged areas in New York and New Jersey on Tuesday, promising federal help in the short term and the solution to climate change in the long term. My message to everyone grappling with this devastation is We're here. We're not going home, So let's get it done. Well, I really mean that we're not leaving. We're going to continue to shout as long.

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