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The KFI twenty four hour newsroom. An eight year old boy from the Democratic Republic of Congo who came to LA for surgery to remove a tumor from his face has died. The boy died during surgery at cedars Sinai Medical Center Friday afternoon. Doctor say he had a rare reaction to anesthesia during the surgery more than one hundred homeless people in Anaheim have a new place the rest of their heads officials have cleared to homeless encampments in the last couple of days in Anaheim and relocated people living in tents to a new two hundred bed emergency shelter near angel stadium. Yesterday about a dozen people from a camp near LA Palma park where cleared out city spokesman Mike Lister says that park and Maxwell park, which has cleared. Friday have been power washed to help restore the area most of the homeless have headed to the emergency shelter, which is now housing more than one hundred a more long-term project is a permanent facility. The city plans to open with the Salvation Army Lister says it could house up to six hundred people with everything under one roof. Amy king KFI news a passenger in a car has been killed in a crash in Sylmar happened about eleven thirty yesterday at rexburg Intel fair cups, a big rig was in the left turn lane. About to go to win the car slammed into the back and under the trailer. The driver of the car was okay, but was arrested for driving under the influence of something. A top White House official says it's very possible. The partial government shutdown will stretch into next year acting chief of staff, Mick Mulvaney, says he's awaiting word from New York. Democratic Senate leader Chuck Schumer after the White House, presented a counter offer in a dispute over funding for President Trump's border wall. Ovation declined to outline the offer. But said it's between Trump's five point seven billion and the one point three billion that Democrats offered special presidential on void for the global coalition to counter ISIS Brett mcgurk has resigned just the week before President Trump announced he was pulling US troops out of Syria. Mcgurk said it would take a while. But the military mission is enduring defeat devices. We have obviously learned a lot of lessons in the past. And we know that once a physical spaces defeated. We can't just pick up and leave Dirk submitted his resignation Friday saying he couldn't carry out the new mission. President Trump's ordering mcgurk kept a coalition of more than seventy nations together and coordinated the efforts to defeat ISIS in Syria and Iraq, Kentucky, Republican Senator rand Paul is praising Trump for removing troops from Syria. We do need to turn attention to problems. We have at home. Here roads bridges schools is the the president is only doing what he promised during his campaign to be president beekeepers could soon be buzzing about a be saving battle plan a possible vaccine for honeybees could offer a solution to some beekeepers struggling to keep their colonies alive and pollinating the scientists developing the vaccine say it's designed to protect honeybees from diseases that could wipe out be populations. Scientists say the vaccine is edible in a sugar solution similar to how children were vaccinated for polio. It involves vaccinating a Queen bee a beekeeper, then introduces the vaccinated. Queen to the hive officials say a new generation of bees will allegedly be immune to the disease Leary Perot. KFI news and supreme court Justice, Ruth, Bader Ginsburg is up and working as she recuperates from cancer surgery. A spokeswoman for the court says Ginsburg remains in New York at Memorial Sloan Kettering cancer center, now Infos been released on when Ginsburg may return home. She wonder went surgery Friday to remove two malignant growths in her left. Lung.

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