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Marquette hit. Seventy seven degrees in Chicago fair skies we're headed. To an overnight low of sixty four our. Top local story on NewsRadio WBZ 'em it's happening right now in suburban when Netco a heavy police presence at tower road between Hubbard and Green Bay residents have been asked to stay away from the. Area from the Winnetka polices Twitter page the heavy police presence in Winnetka is related to. The fatal shooting that occurred in Northfield earlier today we continue to urge everyone to avoid the area while the, police handle the ongoing situation quote unquote and we're. Not sure what the ongoing situation is No other, information, is, currently available. To man accused of killing Chicago a teenager Heidi, Pendleton in. Two thousand thirteen will have their day in court. Starting tomorrow two sets of jurors have now. Been seated to hear testimony in the case against accused government Michael ward and Kenneth Williams who prosecutors say drove the getaway car the judge is allowing cameras in the courtroom but only audio will be. Allowed during emotional testimony idea Pendleton was shot and killed in two thousand thirteen in a. Park just, weeks after taking part in events Iran former President Obama's second inauguration Keith Johnson NewsRadio one zero, five, point nine FM WBZ news time eleven oh six A forty, eight year old man in Milwaukee was shot and killed in a police involved shooting. On the city's south side the. Shooting happened late this afternoon Milwaukee police chief Alonzo Morales says that the department had been looking for the man the suspect was wanted for a violation. Of probation and I believe it's a domestic, violence warrant the police, chief says, officers were following up on a suspect who fled from them earlier in the. Day officers conducted a traffic stop at the Milwaukee as the Milwaukee man got out of his, car with, a gun the TSA says officers at Chicago airports found. Two guns in passengers carry on luggage over, the weekend and one of the passengers was a ninety. One year old woman about seven thirty this past Friday morning TSA spokesman Michael McCarthy says officers at midway, found a gun and a women's, carry on a loaded thirty eight caliber firearm in carry on luggage of? A, female Male passenger a ninety one year old female passenger she's traveling to Minneapolis McCarthy says as you might imagine finding a loaded gun in ninety one year old. Woman's luggage is unusual on Saturday, at, O'Hare, McCarthy says forty five caliber Glock was found in the carry on bag. Of the thirty nine year old man headed to, San Diego Chicago police have identified him as. Douglas Wilson of Woodstock in all the TSA says gun seizures at airports including O'Hare and midway are trending above last year Steve Miller News Radio on one zero five point nine FM and concerning our lead story from. Winnetka we have just learned that when that ca- police now say, they have a suspect in custody, and they have the area secure WBZ news time eleven traffic and weather together on. The h. here's nail Fiorito thanks. Table start on the expressway that is clear in either direction at nineteen minutes to and from lake cook the ongoing work continues on the spur both Directions right around. The spur toll plaza the Kennedy expressway clear at twenty minutes in from. O'Hare to downtown ten oppa junction outbound looking good. As well the express lanes are, closed off for the night the O'Hare extension is clear along I one ninety now Eisenhower delays just twenty nine minutes. In either direction between three ninety and downtown sixteen to and for Mannheim Stevenson on the way in clear thirty minutes from the veterans. Tollway lakeshore drive twenty in from the tri-state just ten in from. Cicero overnight construction takes over past the, tri-state to LaGrange in the right lane until midnight. Outbound is the, way free so as, I fifty, five through will county a crash on the way. And on the Ryan right in the locals at seventy first heading outbound you're clear at fifteen minutes I fifty seven and the Ford look good, sodas lakeshore drive over on the tollways the tri-state overnight roadworks. Northbound o'hara's to Baltimore in the right lane until five the Jane Addams is clear so is the Reagan the. Veterans tollway we are seeing some slow spots In both directions really but mainly if you're heading south around I fifty five and then before that before Roosevelt right in the area of that route fifty three clears route three ninety no delays to really speak on the roads in northwest Indiana eighty ninety four I sixty five the Indiana. Toll all-clear always stay in. Touch with us on Twitter at WBZ and seven eighty traffic traffic and weather together on the eighth every ten minutes on NewsRadio. Seven eighty five, point nine FM WBZ AccuWeather. Mainly clear skies lows sixty four tonight and then tomorrow partly sunny hot more humid look for a high of ninety seventy eight at the lakefront eighty at midway. Seventy-seven at O'Hare fair skies. Windsor out of the south west at three WBZ news time eleven ten Eight seven seven Kars four. Kids k. Kids, eight, seven seven kids donate Ricki Better programs donate Is easy you'll also patient Tax deduction Seven seven Also.

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