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We confirmed the death of our friend and colleague anthony bourdain his love of great adventure new friends find food and drink and the remarkable stories of the world made him a unique storyteller he was a good writer as well he was a very good writer it's quite a few like new yorker articles in rolling stone and things like that kitchen confidential is a really good book i i enjoyed all of his shows and soon i watched him all the time he you know he really said he said too i really wasn't a great chef i mean i was okay i was okay i was an okay chef i was not a great chef i and i i just had a feel for the business and i liked and it was great and i decided i'd write about the business of that's what catapulted him claims that book his tv shows where he would travel around the world and and it wasn't just about going to restaurants i thought those shows were more about oh the people where he was going that was the most fascinating part of it i mean the the places that he would find eat we're we're really cool but the people that he would talk to an interview he had an amazing way of finding the root of a culture of a whole group of people through their food yes he would teach you about a whole society through their food which was interesting he was he was in paris at the time working on a show for cnn val kilmer is gonna come back top gun he's he's on ice man he's on genus deadpool he's back in action with tom cruise and topgun its top gun maverick i'm i'm embarrassingly excited about you should really you should be just as long as they play volleyball actually i forgot i forget who did this but somebody said once you look at this movie through the eyes of this being the biggest gay fantasy on the planet tarintino tarintino routine on it and not that i know because i've ever youtube searched it but i think if you youtube search the gas movie scene or something like that that's the volleyball from top gun which i hope they do shirts off.

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