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The inbound and outbound here in a second, but yeah, we just so people are aware because we glossed, it by saying it, but we said it really quickly and it was lost really cool conversation. We're having with ice cube over here. But BT's doing ever six big three games will air on CBS and CBS sports network, explain what you're going to be doing in these broadcast, and with the big three. So, basically, if you saw the first couple of years on f s one, Michael Rapaport, and we had on the show. It's basically it's a role that a little different for me. But I'm really looking forward to. It's basically like a roving sideline guy. It's not actually calling the games it's a could be hooking up with Arthur, J coach. And one of the teams Rick Barry or some of the players or because they have full access full everyone even the players total full access Plachy flying out to Indy. Early Saturday loan. Whatever it is three or four months colts. Got his spot a little league game on Saturday morning saw a fly out there on Saturday. And they have a practice that night where the Pacers play at the field house and complete access go there. Get to meet some of the players. I mean it really is wild like, I'm looking at the Rosser is doing some work, right? These are the coaches, Gary Payton, Michael Cooper tiny Archibald, got, Rick Barry. Reggie Theus, Rick Mahorn Ice, Man. George Gervin, Charles Oakley, Nancy Lieberman, K mart, Lisa. Lesley and Dr J. Yeah. Essence on three. It's great tola famers all around the coaching ranks. And then there's a couple of the on the teams as well. It's, it's competitive. I mean these guys play hard as I said, you know, not get rich doing this. I think the I think about one hundred thousand which obviously is good money, Freddie, for most PD, but including us, we take our sure to play to do anything. I'd take Andre thousand but they're playing for the love of the game. Most of these guys have have some money in their accounts, but they're still grinding from previous previous riches in the NBA or overseas and they're playing hard and the cool thing is. It's all NBA venues like the opening night says, so Saturdays I'm not doing Sadam traveling, but Saturday is with the pistons play at their new arena in downtown Detroit on doing the Pacers Rita Sunday. And it's all Milwaukee the where the bucks plays great. It really isn't. You know, I, I watched some of the draft on CBS sports network, the attention, the growth. It's it's palpable. Yeah. I mean and Amy Trask is brilliant, cube is a visionary, more people alongside him. And I can't wait came kind of came out of nowhere. And I'm very happy to be appointed love basketball perfect partnership, given the now relationship with CBS TV and CBS sports network big three.

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