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During the break so we got to bring back the tampering conversation you miss the dap the show the nba announced it was fine lakers fifty thousand dollars thousands for violating the league's the antitampering bullets these is in response to statements that magic johnson made a valiant assented to kubo and i wanna be clear when magic was digging for tampering with paul george it was because he was kinda hidden around about paul george and the lakers loving him and wanted to pursue them these comments which are clearly a little bit about his second offence but the question is was it an offence the comments were him speaking as magic johnson the former laker great comparing himself to yawn us as a player and then saying and this seems to be the opposite of tampering he is doing great in milwaukee he is going to put milwaukee on the map again and win them them a couple of titles oku so what's shoes go by the book here if this was not a gentle mood your if if this was a gentleman called your who was not i'm going to be a great and he commented about janas he would have been held to the same standard in in a way this is the nba holding magic to the same standard that they would hold john horse on the bus standard i know just say this guy is going to do well know that'd be grant let me go just throw through the technical rules and magic has been told and find before don't do this so he knew you shouldn't told the line so by the nba is technically following the rules here that they expect all the other gentlemen reached of to to take advantage to to to follow that said tampering in the nba is rampant is rampant tampering goes on nonstop all the time and it's one of the things people complain about more than anything so it is the nba's trying to to tap the dow but also what they let people get away with this is kind of laughable and for me i want magic johnson as an alltime great to be able to comments about current place i think that's good for the league i don't want rajic to not be able to talk about lebron james and comparing his greatness in his five toast lebrun three titles we at this company we as nba fans.

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