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As president. Trump's impeachment trial kicks into high gear. He's out of the country in Davos Switzerland. That's where once a year the world's rich and powerful get together the president is addressing the World Economic Forum made up of executives in foreign dignitaries. It's been argued it's counter programming where the president can tout gains in the US. The Senate argues over his future in office but alongside the president in Davos this year. Those he's made clear he doesn't agree with the theme in Davos is climate change and unsustainability. SHORTLY AFTER MR trump speaks teen activist Greta tune. Berg will begin a debate about averting quote the climate apocalypse. ABC's Karen Phillips was on the ground. Right now right. Outside of Davos and cure the main theme. Here of the meeting doesn't really seem to mash with the president's agenda so why they're now that's a great question and there there is a lot going on. There's a lot at stake. I mean there are some big moments about to happen today. I mean we're talking about the president's speech here in the small town of Davos. Switzerland is he tries to convince world leaders to invest in the United States and also talk with world leaders about addressing global climate. Change possibly possibly some tense moments. We can talk about that in a minute. But even more so there in Washington D. C.. We're also paying attention to what's happening in our nation's capital because the the president's historic impeachment trial resumes today. Why would you go very quickly to hoax? It's a hoax. Everybody knows that it's a it's a complete hoax. You know he's thinking about it and you know he's paying attention to what's beginning This morning with regard to the impeachment trial. How much of this trip is Diplomacy going there and he's addressing the World Economic Forum these meeting with other world leaders touting the the good you US numbers and how much of it is just trying to get away from what's going on in the US. Alex I it's definitely a combination of both look while it can be uncomfortable trouble in DC. And he may be squirming at what might be taking place At the same time that he's getting ready and preparing for his speech there also could be some uncomfortable moments here in Davos unfortunately And I deplore this. The United States of America left the climate agreement or he has is clash before with Ogle Merckel the German chancellor also the Finnish Prime Minister Resident Trump has missed a discussion on climate with other world leaders at the g seven summit in France. Everyone always asked me about Donald Trump and then also we know about gratitude Berg the seventeen year old climate activists who the president has mocked on social media saying she quote must work on her anger management problem than go to a good old fashioned movie with a friend. Chill Greenwich Chill. She is going to be here as well. So you know I. It's not going to be a boring time in Davos though it's not going to be boring at all and president trump is also gonNA hold a bunch of bilateral meetings including with the president of Iraq Iraq following the US killing on Iraqi soil of Iranian General Qassem Soleimani. Mr Trump is going to be meeting with the leaders of Pakistan and Switzerland. ABC's Karen Phillips outside outside of Davos curious stay warm. Thanks Alex.

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