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Senator Elizabeth Warren, Joe Biden, Lisbeth Morons discussed on The Field



Hello how are you buddy exploded Yeah what do you mean when we just reported that Lisbeth Morons dropping out the presidential race? We're here in Boston outside of her house. Not In Boston actually Cambridge waiting for her to speak So cord of media both local and national for all you guys use from New York Times. This is the field I'm instead Herndon in Massachusetts around twelve thirty on Thursday Senator Elizabeth Warren came out of a side door of her house with her husband and her Golden Retriever and address. I announced morning spending my campaign for president. I say this with a deep sense of gratitude. It's been two days since Super Tuesday. Where Elizabeth Warren Best Finish was third place including in her home state of Massachusetts. That put her behind. Her campaign's already lowered expectations and made a gathering like today almost inevitable for everything person. She thinks her supporters and her staff and takes question really an endorsement today. We know that you take with Biden unburdened not today not today space around this an and when it comes to why she has to drop out. I was told at the beginning of this whole undertaking. That there are two lanes a progressive. Way that Bernie. Sanders is the incumbent for any moderately that Joe Biden's combat for and. There's no room for anyone else in this. I thought that wasn't right but evidently I was wrong. Decision on the question of gender not to the women and girls who feel like we're left with two white men to decide between I know one of the hardest parts of this is all those little girls. We're going to have to wait four more years. That's going to be hard tonight. She gets emotional but there are clearly things that she's left unsaid but when you ask her supporters who have come to the House to watch this speech they go there. Oh so sad. You see every so sad. I couldn't I couldn't move. I'm frustrated. I'm disappointed and sad heartbroken. That the very clearly most qualified candidate is out of the race. Sadly too many people in this country aren't ready for a woman president which is an unfortunate thing very disappointed. But I guess there's never going to be a time for a woman. She's my generation and We're not gonNA see it now. It's not going to happen. Maybe her generation all right we gotta go look at this little girl looking at the docking.

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