Guido, President Trump, Venezuela discussed on Glenn Beck


Into the building quick enough to where we actually took custody of the suspect. He was disarmed, and he was taken into custody. This shooting prompted a locked out on the twenty six thousand student campus and caused panic has students scrambled to take cover. Jim chrysalis CBS news, Charlotte, North Carolina and attempted coup in Venezuela by opposition leader Guido appears to a failed at least for now. Violence broke out in the streets as supporters of President Nicolas Maduro clashed with Guido supporters. President Trump says he wants no outside interference tweet from President Trump warning Cubans to stay out of Venezuela or face the quote highest level sanctions after watching a day's worth of violent images from Venezuela. Secretary of state Mike Pompeo made it clear Medeiros time is up while Pompeo pointed out that more than fifty nations are recognizing one Guido is vendors Wailers leader. These are the nations at recognize Medeiros power. They include Russia, China and North Korea. Madero tweeted he has quote nerves of steel David spot. Reporting quite oak calling for May Day. Demonstrations today, the latest child porn staying in Paul county is landed twelve people in jail sheriff Grady, Judd says four of the suspects arrested in operation. Guardians of innocence are repeat offenders, including a Man Who Wasn't supposed to have access to computers as terms of his probation. He was working at a computer store is once again, not to be deterred by our liberal criminal Justice system that lets very bad.

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