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Everyone is blitzing except the guy's guarding the wide receivers they call timeout run for the snap but alabama sees what they're doing and there were the same as acp pressure again on third in 12 and bannockburn home for a long gain eventually scores the goahead touchdown the two more key night games we had number three hundred am going to number set of miami the you is back forty one eight the scheme was not even remotely close though deyb look lost the entire game brian kelly on the sidelines steered and a headlights almost like the last time day play the miami than they played alabama the national chicken vacuums not even close clumsy beating forest state thirty one to fourteen and oklahoma up giving it to tcu is 38 fourteen a halftime tcu at six points a secondhalf vogel bestow woods thirty two twenty uh i did not expect oklahoma to put rtc like this is you as excellent defense but nonetheless oklahoma 38 to twenty baker mayfield modest solidified himself as a heisman this weekend and lastly in the big ten iowa beats wisconsin thirty eight to four sloppy game three defensive scores but a lot going on this we can now we're going to have a new top four uh go down the stretch i love the chaos we talk about would offer about this so ben where do you see the top four landing on tuesday with official ratings come out for this playoff well i think what first adjust just just a a an overarching statement a you notice we talk in college football we kinda shifted gears and one thing warned not worthy well the only thing we're talking about is football how refreshing i think that's why college football is is as popular as ever and it continues to gain popularity the ncaa has its falls there then there many but i just love that we can talk about the game there's no contract disputes between a commissioner or protests or controversies are that it's just it's refreshing to just talked football and good football at the at the collegiate level so i'm excited about that i don't know as you as you see this shake out i think what's what's coming as as the college football committed the playoff.

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