Jerry Rice discussed on America's First News


No I do not I don't believe this systemic racism I'm not gonna go into a long for most of my adult life I not only have Jerry rice right but I don't really know how it is we have system we do have some bad apples can't be changed the lady returning to growth prosperity creates opportunities for everybody we have also about a thousand opportunities on usually there is a tags and regulatory break and that was on the stretcher is we've given a lot of money this story colleges and universities for a very strong I think there will be reforms as part of this coming back together and says residential lawn order ma'am what are some of the world's in order for families ordering orders with people of all colors to unifying message there will be reforms police and other of course the pandemic's global so was the economic pain the organization for economic cooperation and development warning that the world will see near historic a contraction on the economic front this six percent decline in global GDP that we foresee in twenty twenty is larger by far than any we have projected into sixteen years.

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