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Discover easier for people to find people to use the visit to Microsoft clocked in and a little more than an hour with the first lady heading back to Boeing field in flying to Las Vegas for another part of the tour next time focusing on opioid abuse. In Redmond Charlie Harger, KOMO new after winter storms a tornado blew through Washington. Last December, President Trump has approved federal aid for our state governor Inslee asked for assistance for fourteen counties that endured windstorms flooding landslides and unexpected tornado and port orchard that caused an estimated one point eight million dollars in damage the president's approval for federal funding is for state tribal and local governments to share for emergency repairs for nine Washington counties, including grays harbor, Snohomish, and Watkin counties. Washington legislature has passed a measure that would move the state's presidential primary from may to March the Bill now. Heads to governor Jay Inslee for his signature that primary could include the governor on MSNBC tonight is says his message which focuses on climate change is connecting with voters contributors. And a half from all fifty states. Proud to say, we raised her first million dollar. So apparently people out there. Share my passion for this subject and confidence Washington governor and presidential candidate. Jay Inslee on the Rachel maddow's show on MSNBC. The first day for passenger flights at a Paine field in Everett the new terminal open to the public today. And the first flight took off at ten o'clock this morning editor for Portland Snohomish county council chair Terry Ryan was on that inaugural flight and spoke with komo's before boarding.

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