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Los Angeles county we believe the evidence will show that the defendant used his power and influence to gain access to his victims and then committed violent crimes against them D. A. Jackie Lacey says Weinstein raped a woman six years ago in an LA hotel room and I talked to another woman the following night at a hotel in Beverly hills in all eight women came forward to report that they were sexually assaulted by the defendant in Los Angeles county three of those alleged crimes took place outside of the statute of limitations and for that reason we have declined to file charges in those three cases we continue to investigate allegations involving three other women to determine if additional criminal charges will be filed it's unclear when one's team will be arraigned in LA since he's on trial in New York on similar sex assault charges we do not want to at this point interfere with the New York case the judge there will have to make a decision now whether he remains out on two million dollars bail since we filed an arrest warrant with more victims than five million dollars bail he'll have to decide whether the defendant is remanded or not the charges here could send Weinstein to prison for up to twenty eight years if he's convicted he has denied all allegations of non consensual sex click get pesky tech KNX ten seventy newsradio meanwhile a court case against Harvey Weinstein is already under way in New York City where he's facing rape and sexual assault charges there once dean appeared frail as he entered the courtroom this morning meanwhile protesters including actresses rose on our cats and rose McGowan held up signs supporting sexual harassment survivors while accusers spoke outside Harvey once he walked into court with the help of a Walker this pre trial hearing lasted just over an hour and which ones he did not speak both sides said they are ready for trial jury selection begins tomorrow expected to last two weeks the trial itself expected to last two months mac Piper CBS news New York twelve thirty two now on KNX more alleged victims of former U. S. you gotta cultures George Tyndall are expected to file suit in state court can extend seventies Margaret coral live in downtown LA with more up for just fifty cases are likely to be filed in the near future in a statement USC said some additional cases in the state action were expected with the federal class action settlement close to being finalized that could come as early as this afternoon last year a judge gave preliminary approval to the two hundred and fifty million dollar federal class action settlement which will compensate individuals who sought to handle the university's student health center attorney John Manley represents two hundred thirty five women in the state case he says they want to get to the truth well the judge is moving cases along this is the complex division so administrative solutions organizing.

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