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Airlines are facing higher fuel bills as they reroute flights to avoid airspace over Iran and Iraq. That's due to heightened tensions between Washington awesome and Tehran and the dining over Ukrainian jet shortly after takeoff from Tehran on Wednesday. Alex mature is an aviation industry analyst based in Spain. Hello Alex Wchs Halicki so this adds further financial pressure to an industry already. Dealing with the grinding of Boeing. Seven three seven Max jets. Yes it does this. This is more difficulty that the industry is now facing. And of course it does involve a Boeing at Croft. I think we need to make an important differentiation. Between between the two of us. The very high profile sufferings of the Boeing seven thirty-seven Max are exempt from this accident. They are not related. Talk Given at the seventy seven. Max is still grounded worldwide. This accident involved a regular. If you like normal Boeing seven three seven and G. It's actually a very young aircraft. Just three years old delivered to Ukraine International Airlines in two thousand and sixteen and ultimately this is an aircraft the the airlines say that they were very proud to fly so it is an unusual accident especially given that we know very little as to what is exactly happened now. This decision to avoid airspace. Nice over a conflict zone. I mean this kind of decision of nasty taken a very short notice other usually some kind of a plan B in in place that can be just you. You put into action some kind of emergency logistics planned well. The Middle East is quite used to out of every other region. I would say what used to having into making last minute alterations to do with s base access and that is because of the ongoing tensions that have occurred between various Middle Eastern countries or go F- states for example for over the last decade. But normally it comes from a higher level when I say that because we would expect the FAA to the Federal Aviation Administration in the US. All all your Sir here in Europe the European Aviation Safety Agency to make that announcement to ultimately dictate to the world's airlines or to at least the regional airlines so for example Europe or in the US as to where they can fly safely over specific region now in this come starts given the tensions between the US and Iran only the FAA have announced a no town which is a notice flight crew to state that no US activity. Tippety can commence over the Gulf waters over this area of the Middle East. Europe have not replicated that no town meaning that for European airlines it. It is up to each airline where wanting to fly up to their own risk assessments. And that's why as we speak. Currently there are a variety of airlines ends who have chosen not to fly over Iran and Iraq and that is purely that decision and there are still quite a few airlines that are continuing with business as usual routes over Iraq Tehran and specifically over Baghdad. So we're in this area now that it's truly up to each airline a situation like this must play a huge amount of extra stress on the air traffic controllers it does add traffic controllers of couse have to remain as alert as ever especially given that when the tensions were at at some of the highest points earlier. This week we had British Airways at Croft making sudden u-turn if you like in the air just as they were minutes away from entering rockiest space hey turned around. And that's again goes to show the last minute nature of this and the constant assessment as to whether or not it is safe to fly to be honest. This is really a little bit nervous with all these rerouting and you turns. I mean aren't skies more crowded because of this the skies are not necessarily more crowded but there is if you like a new Conga line and we call it the Congo Line because normally you would expect to see depending on what time of the date is a stream of aircraft backtracking up towards the north and into Europe from Asia across Iraq and vice versa. When the time swaps swaps? And they're all going back down to the Middle East Asia for most airlines. That line has now moved in. They are taking a more northerly route above Azerbaijan and areas like this to avoid Iraq Iran as space and this does create uncertainty for passengers because it leaves passengers wondering why is it. Safe to continue to fly Over Iran and Iraq on Middle Eastern carrier for example but not safe for Turkish Airlines. And this is this. Uncertainty wave has now already been triggered as Airlines take the decision into their own hands. Are we seeing delays. Because of this currently there are no delays but there are a variety of airlines that have outright suspended suspended all routes either to Iraq Iran or both and of course that does impact a lot of passengers who are either trying to leave Iraq Iran. Or they're trying to to get that. Okay Alex thank you very much. Thank you Alex. Mature Aviation analyst speaking to me on Thursday from Spain from the studios of Germany's international international broadcaster. DFW This is inside Europe still to come. How segregated schools are perpetuating the ethnic Mike Divide in Bosnia twenty five years after the war their chain importer the Marina Velka Johnstone on the system causes his hatred? You're brought up being taught the others are no good and you don't spend a single our learning about their culture beliefs or values since you don't know anything anything about them that only results in hate. That report is on the way and we'll go to Austria in just a moment. I'm Keith Walker in Bonn Germany. You're listening to inside Europe In Australia's new coalition government of Conservatives and Greens was sworn in this week. It's really a dramatic shift from the previous. CBS Coalition of Conservatives and the far right that government collapsed spring. You may remember following a scandal in the far right freedom. Party Kerry skyring reports from Vienna on a new pragmatic partnership. Sebastian coots is back in the top Job Australian chancellor for a second time after the dramatic downfall of his coalition with the Freedom Party emerging from that debacle unscathed. He went on to increase. His party's voted last September's election but falling short of the majority needed a partner. He ruled out the Freedom Party. While the centre-left Social Democrats wanted nothing to do with him step for the Greens their leader is Vana. Koga and Sebastian Kurz is trying to convince the sceptics. This marriage of convenience cam work in Sofia. Advice does remitting tools for handling and beginning. It was clear that we should begin. Coalition talks with the Greens and honestly after months of talks. I'm very positive. The standard of the negotiations with Kogler was good good. I'm very satisfied with the program. We have agreed. And I'm convinced it's good for our country. Australian coalitions have a record of collapsing when the partners begin squabbling over a policy and irreconcilable differences emerge cooks and his conservatives campaigned on reducing taxes and remaining tough on immigration. The Greens campaigned on spending more especially on the environment and soft immigration policies. Skeptics said these would never get together but after months of talks they sealed. The pact run out heinisch political scientist at Salzburg. University says the key is in the prenuptial agreement. This coalition is trying to do it differently friendly by saying well we have things. You don't like you have things that we don't like it so let's give each other. We absolutely have to have since. We're the stronger throwing a party to conservatives. If we get a lot more that you get and then consider the alternative. The alternative would be new elections or minority government or a coalition official data Sula Green perspective lot less attractive both sides of compromised the Conservatives control the powerful finance interior and foreign ministries the Greens might be the junior partner but they control a super ministry combining environment transport infrastructure and energy new Vice Chancellor Vanna Kogler is signaling change escaped an s antics rich meter yesterday for the first step in our first reforms would be modest but definite and as a consequence flying will become more expensive that's in the medium term and by the way train travel will become cheaper very cheap in fact unlimited rail travel travel for three euros a day. This is the first time in a national government for the Australian Greens although they have some experience in regional governments across Europe only only Sweden and Finland have Greens in their coalitions but in both cases with the centre-left Social Democrats according to reinhold Heinisch with climate and environmental issues attracting more voters. The green trend is likely to continue. This could create a new model. That would be also attractive. Could be emulated in Germany and it would establish the Greens if it works out as about a fee day Left of center government party in another first for an Australian government a majority of the ministries are controlled by women. Carry Skyring D. W. Vienna coming in just a moment that report I promise you how segregated schools rules are perpetuating the ethnic divide in Bosnia twenty five years after the war over chain in Puerto Rico. Menelik Johnstone on the system. Kim Causes Hatred. You're brought up being taught. The others are no good. And you don't spend a single our learning about their culture beliefs or values since you don't now anything about them that only results in hate vava report coming up and less than.

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