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. Rob woodfork WTO sports. All right, thanks, rob four 16 on WTO Thursday morning. Plug the top stories we're following for you. This early morning heavy storms moved through the area. Yesterday afternoon into last night into the overnight, some rain still out there you might see as you rise this morning that rain's supposed to end by noon so afternoon sun is possible as well. High of 75 today, about 20° cooler than yesterday at this time, 68 you're waking up to now know the storms knocked out power to more than 24,000 homes and businesses in Northern Virginia as of this morning Dominion Energy reporting more than 10,000 without power in falkirk county, another 2500 in Fredericksburg, around 1600 customers in the dark and loudoun county, it's also reporting substantial outages. This hour in Alexandria city, Arlington, fairfax, city, Pennsylvania, and Stafford, rappahannock electric cooperative, says this morning more than 2700 are in the dark in culpeper county about 1600 fall care county, Novak reporting smaller outages and Falk here and loudoun counties. Peggy Fox with Dominion Energy says it could take more than a day for all customers in falkirk county to get their juice back. We'll keep you updated on the restoration process, as well as with conditions are outside with traffic and weather on the 8s. The man who fairfax county police say fired shots inside Tyson's corner center last weekend as apparently turned himself in 22 year old Noah settles also known as D.C. rapper no savage, now said to be in custody this morning. We may see gas prices dip this summer after all. President Joe Biden this week calling for the Congress to suspend the federal gas and diesel tax for three months. He would knock about 18 cent off of each gallon. Stay with WTO for more on these developing stories in just minutes, Thursday morning, June 23rd with their time is four 18. Whether on the 8s, good morning to rich on her in the WTO traffic center. Hi, good morning, dean just got the official word eastbound dulles toll road the X and ramp that takes you to the antelope of the beltway that ramp is temporarily closed due to a tree down on the ramp and waiting on a tree crew to get that removed for now. You do have the access to the inner loop ramp, you can also exit onto the add loop express link you just can not take the additive main ramp to the outer loop there from east bendel's toll route as a result of that tree down. Now elsewhere there have been a lot of storm damage and portions of loudoun county and fog here counting the biggest of which had been a closure of route 50 for several hours, but again, traffic is able to continue through in Warrington westbound two 11, leaving warrants and in business 17 headed out toward leads manor road right near the line with the rappahannock with rappahannock county. That remains closed westbound as a result of multiple trees and wires down eastbound side traffic is able to get by, but westbound. You can not go beyond a U.S. 17 business as a result of the closure. Over in middleburg, St. Louis road remains closed between turkey's roost road and snickersville turnpike. They also had route 6 30 close between St. Louis road and snickersville turned by those were both for large trees down across the roadway. It was also down tree on yellow schoolhouse road nets closed between route 7 and snickersville turnpike as well. Rich hunter WT champion traffic. The good news is we are not facing any more severe weather threats for your Thursday. However, that doesn't mean it's going to be a pretty day. Cloudy skies and some more intervals of rain are likely during the course of the day. The Rain could linger well into the afternoon, especially for areas closer to the Chesapeake Bay, temperatures today, only in the low 70s. The sunshine will make a return tomorrow, Friday's high 84, Saturday, mostly sunny and near 90, and Sunday, 92 hot and humid with some thunderstorms possible late in the day on Sunday. I'm storm team four, meteorologist chuck bell for WTO. You are waking up to 69° of breaking national 67 BW by Marshall 69 as well at Dallas. We're at 68 and holding at our nation's capital for our

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