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It was the greatest Jesus that I've seen anomalous seasons that I've seen. It was also I thought kind of an interesting testament to like the power of the internet in a sense because this woman in Scotland simply noticed it put it up on Facebook page and a catcher the immagination of so many people that it became this viral sensation. And it's like the careful what you post online folks because. He might be all over the world for discovering Jesus in the fire of Notre Dame, by the way. So here's my pronunciation guide on this got a lot of. A lot of traction this week online. Notre Dom is the cathedral Notre Dame as the school. Although a lot of people that so phony that you say Notre Dame like your French. But we say loofah or lose. We don't go. We don't call it louver. You know? So why you make like a nominal attempt at the French pronunciation, it's only it's only, you know. I mean, it's like Brett Farr Rivera. All right. What's number one, number the number one story out here or the most interesting, I thought most most sort of like, you know, really sort of a thought experiment if you will now this guy in Montana, he discovered the the baby t Rex skeleton back. He actually declare by little bit from what you talked about early. He loaned it. This is where the tricky part comes in. He learned it to the museum in Kansas, the university of Kansas. And that was his first mistake. Let me say as a Kansas state wildcat. That was his first mistake. Lending jayhawks. But anyway, go ahead. You found it, right? I guess you have to loan it to keep it in the garage. So he apparently he decided in recent weeks that he now wants to sell it on EBay again. Like like the woman posing the picture on Facebook going viral a testament to the times we live in. He decided to put it on EBay of all places asking for three million dollars for the baby t Rex skeleton and to their credit museum heard about this and immediately pulled it off the floor. And this this -ociety of paleontologist issued an open letter where they decried this whole thing, and they're very upset about it rightfully so because they're afraid somebody cage, actually, nNcholas cage, the actor had to turn over some fossils that were wrongly procured their frayed it's gonna wind up in in the hands of a private collector in the hall of some, you know, rich, fat cat, and no one's ever gonna see the skeleton again or be able to study it, and it's only baby t Rex skeleton. All right. I'm with you. Up to a certain point. And then I think gosh darn it the guy found it. I mean, it's his right. And I just decided the social pressure that says you found it. But you don't get to keep it. And so everybody gets to see it the still they're still a benefit that comes to somebody else as a result of your generosity. Now. I'm not saying that's wrong. I'm just saying that's kind of where the debate starts for me because everybody should be allowed to make that decision on their own. And for that matter in this. You know, there's a whole company skulduggery in California who does nothing, but replicas of dinosaur bones. You buy whole skeletons view you onto skulduggery has this whole catalog, right? And they do replicas of everything. So they could make a replica of it and study it, and then, you know, I don't know take a lot of x-rays do a lot of three, you know, do lot of they could make a virtual. Version of that. And I think they would be fine. You're maybe maybe the guy would agree to leave them one bone, right? Just throw this throws the phone and let him have they make an artificial bone for him for the rest of the skeleton. Experiment. You know, who's in the right on this one? I criticized the guy until you find a baby T-rex, skeleton yourself, exactly a very good. Well, thank you so much you find out more at coast to coast to dot com. Good weekend. Go Bosox hope they win for you. Speaking of thought experiments, I mean, I guess a lot of ways that's a lot of the work that's done by Greg. Kaiser, the the book is called dear machine and the subtitle of that is a letter to a super aware intelligent machine, which is braided with the acronym. Same S A M, and Greg Kaiser, I was actually thinking view this week because I do little minor investing from time to time. And I was investing in this like, you know, ten fifteen shares nothing important, but sort of little hobby, and I was investing in in a hot stock. The lot of people are talking about. Right now that is probably the next generation of robot creators for self. You know Thomas cars, and that sort of thing, and that was at the same time that your name came up to be a guest on coast to coast. So I don't know whether I'm part of the problem or part of the solution.

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