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Hartman report dot com Gretchen Reynolds over the New York Times has been compiling for the last year or so, maybe a little longer, but I've been noticing it for the last year. Some just remarkable statistics and information coming out of pure reviewed scientific journals about the benefits of very, very small, short amounts of exercise on the quality of life and the lifespan. You know the the ability to survive disease. Of all of us. Some of the studies were on younger people. A lot of the studies were on people over 50, and I'm talking very small amount specialized, like literally. Four minutes of bicycling or four seconds. Excuse me, a bicycling really hard on, you know, stationary bicycle, followed by 56 seconds of just relaxing. And doing that 15 times over a 15 minute period a couple of times a week. Four seconds of exercise produce measurable results all over at Tom Hartman. Com. We've got a new video up for the people who are Supporters of our programming. You can check it out. Okay, boy. What? There's so much going on so much in the news, and it is Like just whiplash Ted Cruz singlehandedly in the United States Senate. I mean, what is wrong with this right? Ted Cruz singlehandedly blocked Even a discussion about before the People Act. That would help guarantee that people have the right to vote. These people don't like democracy. They don't want democracy. They want oligarchy. They want the the billionaires who own them. To be the only power in this country. They do not. They hate and fear. We, the people. It's just that simple. Anyhow, picking up your phone calls. Steve in Los Angeles. Hey, Steve. What's up? Um, what you say is 100% correct. It's clearly a class war. It's always has been a class war. Anyone who's read Chomsky. Okay knows already that the important thing is that the government is in a way of big businesses ability to totally control everything. Yet only the government is big enough and powerful enough to counter them. So by controlling the government or minimizing the government. It clears the field for them to do what they want to do. My problem with all of this is why the Democrats, which is supposedly Supposed to be the party of the working Man Party of the poor. Why haven't they countered this? Why are they allowed this to go on for 40 or 50 years? Like you said, we're basically unrepresented as long as the Democrats are run by is The same forces the same people. Here's Here's What happened, Steve, you know Reagan became the champion for this in 1980. At that point in time, you know, Jimmy Carter was flirting with neo liberalism. But by and large, the Democratic Party was still the party of organized labor. Third of America had good union jobs, and that was the principal source of funding for the Democratic Party. Eight years later, really, 12. Years later, By the end of the Reagan and Bush administrations, union membership in America had gone from about a third down to around 10% 10, or 11% had collapsed and along with had collapsed the funding for the Democratic Party. At the same time, the oil shock had worn off by 1982. We had 11.5% inflation in 1981, and it was down to 3% 1982. The reason for that was because the Arab oil embargo of 1973 74. That is what produced that that eight years of inflation and by that time by 82, it had kind of run itself out of the economy. But Reagan got the credit for that and so always neoliberal policies of free trade and gutting unions and ending welfare as we know it, and tough on crime policing. All those. Those Republican and neo liberal policies were actually very popular in the late eighties, And so when Bill Clinton came along in 92, he just adopted them. The Democratic Party got in bed basically with the same billionaires, not necessarily the same because the Democrats wanted to be with clean industry like tech, you know, banking and insurance and leave the poison industries, you know, steel and chemicals and pesticides and weapons manufacture. Leave that to the Republicans. That was the equation that they made in the nineties. So you know, we had a decade and a half or so or two decades where the Democratic Party was tightly embracing neo liberalism as where the Republicans and Joe Biden is the first Democratic president since Jimmy Carter to reject neoliberalism. And so we're in the process, the Democratic Party of Walking back from that from that poison, you know, not drinking that poison anymore. Drinking that Kool aid anymore. But we still have people like you know, Joe mansion in Kherson Cinema who are who are there who are taking money from the same people right there hold overs, But that is the only chance we have is four people people. Biden is basically a moderate himself. Hopefully, he's seen the importance of giving the progressives. More power because that's really the only thing that can combat the the Corporatists and the big business. And the Republicans have always been more organized, better organized and agree to executing their plans because they're desperate. They need to be. They know their minority and they know they need to be better. Democrats need to counter that and put their numbers to work. That's what are advantages. We have more people I I agree, and I think that the other advantage Republicans have is that the the Republican Party? As concerned, as is the case with conservative parties all over the world is more attractive to people who are authoritarian followers, which is about 20% of any population. People just they are perfectly willing. In fact, they're anxious to surrender their personal will and power to an authority figure. And that's why the old saying Republicans fall you know Democrats fall in love Republicans fall in line And, uh, yeah, Democrats need better PR. Yeah, I'm with you, Steve. I got to move along. But thank you for the call. You said it very, very well. Mike in Athens, Texas. Hey, Mike, What's up, Brother? Good. What's on your mind? Not much, man. Hey, so I was trying to.

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