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There it is yeah yeah and so on the investigation is going to go very far reaching into the argument is of course a PGA he over reach and its power outage showed that put people were not put people out of electricity fall in far greater numbers that was necessary in far greater time that was necessary two point five million yeah although although there was one case where P. Jeannie had cut off the power and then I had started again and that our line fell and with the winds and then ignited a fire you can't what do you do was low for a low voltage lines when out they cut the power on those but a high voltage line that did not have its power cut that's the one that's being blames right has had best at all of these fires are now being caused by the power yeah well maybe they always the they always work and we never at whenever reporter you never knew that was the power companies also I love this one I Nevada city mayor this Nevada city in California I said that her community had no working phones are internet during this she wants local control over the power grid right the guy who runs the local pharmacy who will get on lack to the city council he's going to control yeah he knows all about it city council you know these little cities a it it all they almost rotate in terms of who's gonna be city council is going to be the mayor I mean it's almost any meaning my name all and those are the people that are going to make the decision now I find that a city puts on incredible Christmas like light display so they need the lights well but it but the but I think maybe they think our our Christmas displays are so amazing we can totally do yeah Jeannie all right we're gonna come back and do more handle on the news all right Jan news break from you a man from LA sticking a plea deal for a string of robberies at gas stations and fast food.

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