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And be like i trust the sky until they start questioning who trusting and why and that was sort of instrumental. So there's only a couple of actors in the world that have that sort of weight and authority in a sense. So matt was the guy we went to i and he read it and got right back to me. It was literally like over a weekend. We were kind of making the movie. Wow a member. Because steve goal who passed away. I talked to steve. On friday and matt said yes. And steve said great. Let's get going monday. We're making the movie. And i said great and steve passed away on sunday. It was just horrible. It was the worst the worst such a good guy. I'm this amazing guy. And like you know what i loved about. Steve golan was he was the kind of. I met stephen a hotel new york and he said what are you got i go. I haven't written. But i liked this story about this roughneck ghost. Oklahoma had an old draft. I don't want you to see me. Start from scratch. And he said okay. Let's make it. And that was it. And i knew he was one of those guys that we were gonna make it and he said what do you need. I said you don't have to pay me. Just pay these french writers and we're good to go and he said okay and you know he had great taste but he also knew how to get movies made and and didn't necessarily wasn't thinking ahead of had market just wanted to tell original stories. i will. I couldn't see anybody else in the part which is always a testament to someone's performance certainly your direction and i generally have Ever since my first film accountable stupidly written with certain actors in mind and sometimes you get lucky. Sometimes you don't but it seemed like Matt saying yes really was the impetus for you to really push the film forward. And i just couldn't imagine about ills in the park. Yeah i mean look at that happens but looks right movies for other people and they say no. I've done it and then you're like oh but you realize you've written something so specific it starts to apply right and starts to play with matt. What made it so great was knowledge. You'd say yeah but like two weeks later. We're in oklahoma together like it's amazing for a guy that's done that many movies how passionate he is about every bit of the work like the details like he really wanted to dig in and like that's inspiring and you feel that all the way down like it's very generous and collaborative and creative spirit that sort of starts to inspire everyone you know question and you look at the actors that he's shared the screen with that he they. Everybody has such a different approach. Me and my world jeff. Bridges has a very different approach than robert divall. Yup and you have to understand how to direct just worked with bail on ford verse ferrari and i don't think i'm blowing matt out here. But he was just kept talking. About how great bail is now deep. Bail goes now. It's like you know you can do that right like you do it to your pretty good and like if you need to go that deep and just do it stop thinking about it and let yourself go there and and we literally you could just see his sort of you know..

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