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So I I would say barris is Representative of type of character that I do think could get really lost in the shuffle. Here think like Wendelin Christie Brienne is another example of that just some of these characters who are fantastic in their own rights, but often play supporting roles to the to the larger narrative with only six episodes left. I would be a little concerned about some of those people Jerome Flynn as Braun another example. I think that those are those are the types of people that you got to wonder is the show going to do Justice to as we're bringing the show in for a landing. So let let's tie this all together and close out this segment. Josh who wins the iron throne. Oh my gosh. Who wins the iron throne? I do think that the chalk pick is too narrow star Garin, right? Like this has been her journey all series long. I think just to to play it safe that has been my official pick as well. The person who's currently on the iron throne is seriously, Lancaster, it would be a real Debbie Downer of an ending. If sir c Lancaster is still on the iron throne by the end of game of thrones. I just don't see that happening. Like, I said, John snow. I think he's gonna die. I don't think that he is going to make it. I think he will die again. Even if he is the legitimate heir to the iron throne. I think that his destiny will be to save the realm and not to rule the realm. But I think Darris I think the nearest will will get what she has Quested for just in a in a fashion that she didn't quite expect losing people along the way finding out that ruling is a lot more of a challenge than she expected connecting with west rose a lot more challenging than she. Expected. But I think when all of a sudden done, I do expect it to narrow will we'll be the one who is who is on top of this thing, or there will be no iron throne is another popular theory. And I like that one too. Well, how much how much is your investment? Honestly in that as we're heading towards these last six episodes is that the thing I don't want to say is that the thing you're watching for. But is that kind of your primary question or you kind of journey oriented more than destination oriented in your view ship, Dan, I was and remain an enormous fan of lost. And if that show did not teach me that it's about the journey and not the ending than I don't know if I would ever learned that lesson. So I am a journeyman when it comes to game of thrones. I'm hopeful that the ending satisfies, but the ending is going to satisfy me if the characters resolve in a way, that's true to the characters in a way that's true to the spirit of this show, which is often very brutal and very fair to the reality of running into a bad situation. Just because you're a hero. Doesn't mean you escape a bad situation with your life intact. If you've walked into it. I'm hoping we get some of those red wedding level moments coming into the final season, but who sits on the iron throne. It only matters to me in so far as what does that say about David Benny often Dan Weiss's philosophy about power about the quest for power and potentially reflecting? What George Martin's answer to that question is as he had written the books how he hopefully someday intends to wrap this series up. That's really for me. I don't really care who it is. If there's an iron thrown I mostly care about the quality of the questions that it raises based on the answer of how the question of the power in west resolves that seems like a perfect place to wrap this segment, and we will definitely have you back on as we get towards or immediately after the finale, thank you so much for joining us, Josh Wigley. Thanks friends for extensive final season coverage head to T H, R dot com slash game of thrones. And be sure to catch Josh on jars new John? Tv focus podcast.

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