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And now, maybe it's all finally behind him in motion. Sentencing of the man who killed Morgan Freeman's, granddaughter, the defendant's family screamed in in the courtroom that it was all Morgan Freeman's fault. Alleging that he had sexually abused. The victim when she was younger his own granddaughter Morgan Freeman molested her and he caused this. He did this Lamar Davenport's mother yelled to a reporter as she was ushered out of the court for shouting to her son when Justice Ellen Bye-bye on handed down a twenty year sentence. He's innocent. It was an accident. She insisted he allegations of an affair between Morgan Freeman. And his step granddaughter at dinner Hines were made by the defense during Davenport's murder trial in Manhattan supreme court Freeman has strongly denied the allegations. Davenport was convicted of stabbing MS Hines who was his girlfriend more than twenty five times in August of two thousand fifteen on west one hundred sixty second street, he was in the throes of a PCP induced range when he murdered her in full of neighbors and pedestrians in a partial win for the defense. Mr davin. Port was found guilty of the lesser in -cluded charge manslaughter, you waive jury trial leaving his fate entirely in hands of the judge who sentenced him to twenty years. And now maybe it's finally finally behind Morgan Freeman. Here's good news for people who like stranger things, I'm kind of you know, it's funny. I watched season one I meant to watch season two never got around to it and meant to watch season three never got around to it. But because season three hasn't been out yet. Oh, okay. It's was thinking it's getting a release date watch. It was. Okay. It was and then season three I was sort of watching it. And then kind of just trailed off. It was. Season three. But I know a lot of people like it. It's just to tell you a net flexes announced that it will be released on the fourth of July. Okay. And people will be very excited about that. Because a lot of people still still love it. So there you President Trump. According to BuzzFeed news, directed his longtime. Attorney Michael Cohen to lie to congress about negotiations to build a Trump Tower in Moscow, according to to federal law enforcement officials involved in an investigation of the matter says so Trump also to Michael I said to federal law enforcement officials insist. Oh. Federal law enforcement officials involved in an investigation of the manor. Trump also supported a plan set up by Michael Cohen to visit Russia during the presidential campaign in order to personally meet with President Vladimir Putin and jumpstart the tower negotiations make it happen. The sources said Trump told Michael Cohen, and even as Trump told the public that he had no business deals with Russia. The sources said that Mr. Trump and his children, I von Goethe and Donald Trump junior received regular detailed updates about the real estate development from Michael Cohen who may put in charge of project. Michael Cohen pleaded guilty in November two lying about the deal and testimony, and you know, two page statement to the Senate and house intelligence committees special counsel, Robert Muller, noted that Collins false claim that the project ended in January two thousand sixteen was an attempt to minimize the links between the Moscow project and quote, individual one not not named in the. Well, the thinking is that that might be Donald Trump individual one widely understood to be Donald Trump in hopes of limiting the ongoing Russia investigation. Now, the two sources of told BuzzFeed news if Cohen also told special counsel that after the election, the president personally instructed him to lie by claiming that negotiations ended months earlier than they actually did in order to obscure Trump's involvement, isn't that obstruction of Justice. That is a serious. Yes. It's a serious crime. Can we put them in jail for the office? I don't care what jail fork. And that'd be the so now it becomes it becomes well. It becomes weather. So a can you charge him with that crime it because he's sitting president and beef you do charge him with that crime? And you take him to trial. Then if you take him to trial, it just becomes. Whose word do you believe you believe that I have no dealings with Russia? I have no deals in Russia. I have no deals that could happen in Russia because we've stayed away. All right there. You democratic leaders reacted with fury and demanded an investigation late Thursday following this report, they demand that there be an investigation immediately. We'll see where it goes from there. If it go if you went to trial, then you have to who do you believe Michael Cohen? And will there be other evidence to support Michael Cohen? Well, you remember Michael Cohen recorded all of his phone calls on this record is. So are their phone calls. There are you know, paper trails can be followed the Utah highway you skip the best part. Well. I think I think what you're gonna say. Yes, I think that may be a boner. My favorite don't go. Use Ohio patrol tweeted Thursday night that avalanche has blocked state road. One eighty nine in Provo canyon. I think you said it still belong because he was a big avalanche. The snow was ten to fifteen feet deep and they're still working on opening Provo canyon. So if you're up in the up in Hebron thinking about coming down Provo canyon area, or if you're going to go thinking of going up Provo canyon to Hieber don't actually this says thirty feet deep a hundred yards wide big avalanche in New Mexico as well. Burying multiple skiers to people were rescued from the avalanche at the ski resort a Taus. The avalanche occurred at the K three shoot off of chino. Pecan Taus county the towels ski valley wrote on Twitter pal ski valley ski patrol members. And first responders were able to pull two skiers out before one in the. Afternoon. They're unsure if others were buried at least as of this reporting two skiers who were buried for twenty two minutes were taken to a local clinic. There conditions were unknown a witness who told house news. She heard the moment of the collapse. Said it sounded like an earthquake. Rescuers searching again this morning for other victims, the Pacino peak lift was closed immediately while the rescue operation continued. A huge theme park. Has been proposed for hurricane Utah. Well, that's I mean, you have to say that Saint George so it's not in the middle of nowhere. That's that's. Yeah. Knowing really really growing area a multifaceted the park has been proposed for hurricane Utah, which is just west west of Saint George east east of Saint George the three billion dollar project would feature an amusement park as many as six hundred new homes, a hotel a twelve hundred seat theater. Three restaurants and old west style town and equestrian centre and twenty-five boutique shop at this. This isn't so weird. If you haven't been down there in a while Carey, you look like that's weird. Remember when it used to be hurricane, and then desert desert desert, George it's now, it's like can houses house all developed. That's funny. The project is facing vigorous opposition from sky mountain. Homeowners association the community of sky mountain abuts the three hundred fifty one acre parcel proposed for the co project association. President Gary boy said residents moved to hurricane for the climate. Recreation lack of congestion and lower. Oh crime rates claimed the development would destroy small town lifestyle more than two hundred and fifty people turned out for a public hearing on the proposal last week and the majority of them expressed opposition because of concerns about traffic, noise pollution and crime. Not to mention the fact that it's a desert. I was just gonna. I was just gonna ask that question. Where are they getting the water flowed? Lord. There's not enough water to support the town of Saint George as is. Stop it. Yeah. Your log ride's gonna be sucky here long. No kidding. It's dust dust. Okay. It's the dust flew as the federal government shutdown enters day twenty-seven with no clear end in sight, local businesses like breweries and restaurants, are feeling the effects federal government employees are feeling the effects. Even Moore's they haven't been paid since the beginning of the shutdown some people like IRS employees are continuing to work without pay. I'm sorry. God you people. Usually, we're pursing the IRS, but I feel bad for people up in Ogden. They're continuing to work without pay TSA, employees, usually were cursing them. But they're caller. Air traffic control us in Utah, local businesses and organizations are going the extra mile to help out federal government employees. I know the Utah food Bank, if you are a furloughed federal worker, and you you have an ID card that says you're a federal worker you can go to a food Bank in Utah. All you have to do is have your ID with you. What is it two one one is that the information formation about social services, you.

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