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Next year. He was in the market for a new car. I don't know. I got extra 13 60 Fox Sports San Diego and you're real time trades. Not mean. I will tell you that reel back traffic every dead minutes on the tens. Hey there, Kevin Dean. Hey, there, good driver on the county this morning, A trouble spot has been Highway 52 hit with an earlier hit and run accident about halfway up the grade toward Santo Road. Really caused backup. All the lanes weren't blocked is just over the shoulder, exchanging information with CHP car This stay behind is and it's heavy now from before the 52 of the 1 25 connector all the way past had seen the westbound side of the looking great coming in from alcohol Over the 1 25 7 all the way down into Mission Valley. The 90 for the 1 25 not running badly needed downtown bridges. Clear South accident Free. 90 minutes delayed our pound of Santa, See dro and 50 minutes out of O time. Mesa. I'm 70 Coco's next real time Traffic update eight o'clock. All right. Right now. Downtown. It looks like we are. Let me update this for you. See? Mostly cloudy and holding it 70 Kogo News. Time is 7 52 It is time for news about your money with Sully and Sully up new flowers. New car. How are we? Are we buying cars? Well, it's an interesting question year to date to give you a short answer. Vehicle sales are off. 27%. Yes. So the numbers are in and California card car dealerships we're reporting 50%.

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