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Seems like trump is just trying to come up the gears. Yeah but biden can undo all this yet. It's not as easy as the stroke of a pen. Unfortunately there's a really good propublica story that explains all of this which will link to in the show notes. But some of trump's rules have been so hastily written out there probably as riddled with mistakes as a sydney powell legal brief and we'll be left out of the courtroom like sydney depot. Legal brief but other stuff will take a while to fix. There's really no one doing all the damage trump and mitch. Mcconnell senate have done to the judiciary system There's still ramming judges through by the way instead of passing. Covert relief horrible. And it's going to take a lot of work to fuck fucker immigration system. You know akilah. Sometimes i wonder how much different our lives would be. If trump had worked even one tenth is hard to keep covert out of the us as he did to keep guatemalan toddlers out of the us. Yeah honestly it's fun to imagine. I mean if even if he didn't have any actual actions but just didn't like actively make it harder to stop the spread. Only if he wasn't just out here saying that masks fake how many more people would be alive. I mean he's a lazy man and it is easier to not sabotage than it is to actively sabotage like. He could have done less work and had a better outcome. Yeah that's how you know. He's a true idiot. Well another area. For trump right now is pardons just last week. He pardoned his former national security adviser. Michael flynn so who's next. Well let's not give them any ideas. So it's not totally odd for presidents to issue a lot of pardons during their lame duck session. Although going overboard is frowned upon and giving up pardons to people based on political favors is even more frowned. Upon to bill clinton for example turned a lot of people off when he gave out seventy six clemencies on his final day in office including one for his brother but when his donald trump ever felt shame when has been frowned upon ever been something that has made donald trump not wanna do something so far he has pardoned michael flynn who pled guilty for lying to the fbi twice and he's also got a lot of friends who do a lot of crimes like steve bannon and his His build the wall drifting organization that bought a vote that they got arrested by the post office. Yeah and he got arrested great story. Let's do that story story again. Just just for fun just for a victory lap think. The ship was called warfighter. Something stu hong loser oh man paul manafort another crime enthusiasts So i'm sure that there is going to be more pardons of very bad people in store but wait. We don't have to end unabashed note. Remember in just a matter of weeks. Joe biden will be the president and he's already building a team that is world's more qualified than the school bus full of eighty s teen movie bullies that trump appointed for example on sunday. He announced an all female communications team. Yeah i look forward to talking more about that later in the show and more this week because i am very very tired of talking about trump in particular. He can absolutely kickbacks.

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