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As well already heating up over at ellensburg to seventy five euro traveling overdue a walltowall over the weekend by sunny an easy one right now is not even noon yet data bank cougar study and 75 garley building head of the nord sunny and seventy two and seatac airport seventy three under sunny skies it's eleven 25 the president's pushed back against the russian election investigation vermont it always pushing back against the new investigator handling it as we hear from abc's david schreiber as trump who oh fired fbi director james calmly now appears to be calling into question special counsel robert muller he's very very good fringe ways combing which is soon the president tells fox and friends he has concerns about muller's handling of the russia election hacking investigation the people that have been the role hillary clinton supporters muller who's a registered republican is prohibited by justice department rules from hiring applicants based on their political ideology dave schreiber abc news the star of the new transformers movie has a lot of love for london as we hear from abc's jason nathanson a couple of london movie premiers were cancelled or altered in the past month so because of the recent terror attacks there and in manchester for instance transformers by had a red carpet day earlier this week and start josh do mail tells us the vibe was great people are just resilient and it's it's sometimes horrible things like this bring out the best in human spirit in addition to the premier love the movie was also filmed in london last year due melwood film again no problem i always think goodwin's over evil maybe i'm just a until the movies transformers five in theaters now jason nathanson abc news.

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