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Welcome back along. so. but it doesn't bother me I love one day. new. all you need to know is one thing. right here thanks to Kurt Schlichter filled in for me today I'm still stand will be here every morning through this election tonight is a big debate among Democrats and we'll bring you everything that happened last night time though for the premarket report which you begin again in the last segment with Jim talent and then found out Jim Thomas action on the on the line if I had a producer that would happen none of the never never land a petition that just that just if I had a hosted rethink run she what are you came in today good knowledge generally familiar big day essay that started in DC that an event with Paul Begala flew across the country a judge's Gorsuch at the Nixon library in Yorba Linda last night to rific event thanks to dean Matt parla who had that done the homework read the book they're good dinner before and it was dean parlor will lead the conversation tomorrow night general Mattis is in Yorba Linda and I've read that book I missed a call sign chaos is actually classic it is a classic it will be read and read and read and read and if you're a big general Mattis fan and many of them you can still go do Nixon library Nixon foundation and get tickets for tomorrow night what's going on in the markets this morning well it's all because the president announced yesterday many taking a two week pause in the term for to see what happens and markets are brilliant the Dow is up to a twenty seven yesterday the nasdaq up eighty five the S. and P. up twenty one everything is green this morning yes be only for but nasdaq up twenty eight early this morning the Dow up fifty one overseas Japan was very happy with that news Hong Kong not so much on Khan basically stayed flat and light crude fifty five gold at fifteen hundred eleven the ten year treasury has jumped a little bit to one point seven three percent no that was down to one point four four two weeks.

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