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We'll look you've got to be patient. I think it's a reminder for everyone. It is you have to be patient with teams as young as Kentucky group. I think they were getting compared to that do group that came together so quickly. That's so rare like that that doesn't happen. That's a unique situation that Kentucky team you got to be a little more patient with. And I think that their long-term projection on this season a lot it's going to depend on their shooting. We'll Tyler hero shoot at like you did against Louisville whereas four of six from three and went off for twenty plus points and then killed in Johnston over the last couple of games has been shooting at a ridiculous rate, which he wasn't doing early in the season. So. I think that that that you just got to be patient with team that is that young. Yeah. No. I mean, I guess what? I would think was that. It seems like every year Kentucky has one or two kids that are a lottery pick this year. I don't get that sense. I mean, Kelvin Johnson news their number one NBA draft prospect as of right now from the site that I've looked at and he's not even listed in the top ten. So that's why I guess when I was curious about coach his team. Because usually when he takes the team to the national championship final four. He has those guys like Anthony Davis, Michael Kidd Gilchrist. And so, yeah, I I understand what you're saying. And you're right killed Johnson is probably working his way up into being a top ten draft pick that said outside of him. I don't know if there's anybody else in that Rosser at least right now that you're looking at and saying he's going to be a great player in the NBA, but they do have seven McDonald's all Americans. So this team is is still loaded with talent another guy and hagan's who would have been a McDonald's all American. He hadn't graduate. Early. So there's there's plenty of talent. And I think we heading into the season they had all that talent. But then they also had the experience of a read Travis they had a PJ Washington that came back. I think the expectations were extremely high. If he makes if John Calipari makes a final four this year's at a heck of a coaching job. Yes. Is it as best? I don't think. So. But a very good job. Okay. Kentucky staying in your final four. Now. One team. I didn't hear in that final four. And they're still undefeated at this point was your preseason sleeper in Nevada. If they go undefeated are they going to get one seat in candy compete with these top teams. I think they probably would get a one-seat. I do think that they're going to go undefeated. They have a win over Arizona state. They've got a win double digit win over USC the best team left on their schedules. Utah state. That's who they're going to play next. They're going to play them twice. I think the odds are that they're able to to run the table. Now, it's pretty rare for a team to do that. But I think that they had enough firepower on the offense of in and the truth is Kayla. Martin's their best player, and he really hasn't played as a fishing as he did last year, especially from shooting standpoint. But yeah, I think that they're going to run through the mountain west. I I can very well see them and think that they're going to go undefeated. And yeah, I think they'd be staring at a one-seat. Yeah. Nevada team on its Bikaner. Remind me of that oath reopen or Stanford cardinal Josh children had one loss go into the tournament. But they had a lot of talent. They were a lot of fun to watch. But they fell short when it came to the tournament time. So you don't think the Vatican can keep the big dogs and make it far in this tournament. Yeah. I mean, I think even heading into the season they were kind of sexy pick for final four in the preseason. I think they're battle-tested. This is a team where most of this. Core was part of their Sweet Sixteen run last year. Muscleman is obviously very good coach. He's done a good job of building this roster and the Martin twins. They KOMO score the basketball, Jordan Caroline, those three guys were really the core of last year's run. They've been there..

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