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We skipped fall this year this hardware store manager said it was a quick turnaround they went from told a ton a race on Saturday does all the time and then snow blowers delivery lane CBS news former president Jimmy Carter is spending the night in an Atlanta hospital it's for a procedure to relieve pressure on his brain caused by bleeding the Carter center says the bleeding was caused by Mr Carter's recent falls CBS news contributor Dr David A. gets the procedure they're very quick basically they're just glowing a small hole in the brain can draining that Florida causing the pressure so the procedure itself getting operating wincing in our country happen over the next several days the ninety five year old fell and broke his hip in may the deposition transcript of a Deputy Assistant secretary of defense is released by the house intelligence committee it's all part of its impeachment inquiry against president trump Laurie Cooper told members of the impeachment panel that it was her understanding that Ukraine met all the requirements for some four hundred million dollars worth of military and security eight but then in July she began to hear indications that that money was being held up by the trump administration for a reason that was not given she said that news concern her and her fellow national security officials who wondered if such a hold was illegal bill breaks off CBS news Capitol Hill Mexico granting asylum to Bolivia's former president it comes a day after evo moralis resigned in the wake of massive protests are Adrian bart is in Mexico City the US government doesn't consider what happened in Bolivia it to be a clue that Mexico does Mexico's top diplomat called it a regression saying quote military coups have never brought anything positive and it's not only Mexico the government of Cuba Venezuela and Argentina all agree the general manager of the San Francisco Bay Area commuter train system has now apologized to a man who was handcuffed and cited last week for heating as sandwich on one of its platforms while eating is not allowed on the platforms bart faced widespread criticism this is CBS news WBZ news time twelve oh three the Subaru retailers of New England all wheel drive.

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