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Glistening it's well published on my site every day to my website so why not get rid of these diseases why not avoid cold water extractors the reason that people under the age of sixty five all the way down to thirteen years of age Diane Cole Moberg factors is not just the elderly is because their immuno compromised and I have it here the cure is to either diet people traditionally eight and that's the starch based diet let me give you six fifty each in China during the H. one and one clue compared to Toronto where they eat the American diet the death rate would drop so forty years ago was twice as high as the China let me give you a current example Italy northern Italy has a death rate of about eight times what it is I want you to focus on what they eat in northern Italy which is a reflection of what the youth in Spain which is a reflection of the western diet which will even U. S. L. much there that two countries like the US South Korea China where people are still on a diet based on rice the fruits of vegetables they have Jerry from minimalist stance and if they have me well not the mothers trying to it's not a bad meat more than once a day I mean it's rare and this all changed in nineteen eighty and nineteen eighty the journal American medical association back to two thirteen or thirteen the general medical medical social records it was also Chinese and they said before nineteen eighty the Chinese people had fewer than one percent chance of the ball type diabetes and since nineteen eighty thirty five years they develop population was twelve percent I have co morbid factor of type two diabetes and that clear half of Chinese population suffers from pre diabetes so you know what I'm trying to say is look around you and everybody sensor all Americans are overweight they have high blood sugars your email compromise another words don't start thinking you'll don't have caramels comorbid factors you are at high risk now the nice thing is is with them well I run a ten day program I have dated the expense over here in Oregon health and science university the good news is is that when people hear this message and for example we deem and corn and rice and do you read a few vegetables and fruits and you give up things they're gonna rock soon when your electricity goes off in your refrigerator if you think you're gonna fill your refrigerator with chicken fish beef or cheese and set their Jerry what's going on and expect to eat your shop now I have a hundred pounds of food sitting in my storage room and I'll be able to eat in fact Merion I plan on P. for the next two months and all we have to do is take the beans and dried corn and rice and I'm sorry I D. like you know like human beings as prostate I just finished a rice and curry dishes yeah caters in corn all it's missing is the yellow and brown disgusting okay now owners disease causing food that Americans have become accustomed to that they cannot eat less they cover with ketchup partial so we get that giving up is nothing what your opinion is the loss of coal morbid disease as a chance to not only survive cold more Colbert nineteen but you've become tram integrated eight to sixteen pounds a month your type two diabetes correctly within seven days are you beat up your cancer chemotherapy immune suppressive drugs I mean we're a situation where there are no drugs right no prevention there are no vaccinations and those who think that modern medicine is there come up with a doctor for these problems you're the same ones that dream the Martian surface of the earth the solar aliens and they're going to give humanity not only a clean atmosphere but they're going to kill all the cronies and they're going to take and solve your problems not well we started the conversation by saying your I. car realistic people so so you have nothing let's talk about what you really do have and how you can save your family and community and it cost you twenty percent less than you have and save the planet and boil boy you get me off on that sometimes is that you said you it is dated rice corn beans and accredited in the old meal really good food now I'm going to refer people to to your website which they can link up to through coast to coast A. M. dot com but only because I know Tom Dan Heiser was telling me about this earlier and I know many other people are doing it how do you feel about apple cider vinegar by the way a lot of people looking at this is being kind of a cute you would or wouldn't I would be a good taste and it's possible but I would drink it because they had a miraculous stop properties I've done casual review of taking supplements which would be vitamins or natural medicinal remedies and I've looked at vitamin C. look at on all kinds of different plant stage to return if you take that can I have your name system well I wish I was convinced I've been a doctor for over half a century I have pushed more drugs in a drug pusher and quite honestly the ones that are offered up topside pharmaceutical companies they're good when it comes to acute problems they are complete say when it comes to chronic diseases people say well you know it's a failure of the type of Isola drugs we make and that you are look to plant parts to take and changer help well I I think your night forgery waste very little money would take very little rest so go ahead but I I totally accept that will limit so let me go to something that I saw on your video tape which I thought was very interesting is that you are not anti vaccination except when it comes to the influenza vaccines and I'm assuming that you're referencing back to what you talked about earlier in the hour where the vaccines that they give us for the flu are all based on flus that have already happened and therefore you believe are less effective or meaningless for fighting flus going forward yeah you've got exactly right previous or present the activations made against blues are against loser and genetic drift and they have changed or they are different blue fire says that we have no experience with actually make a vaccine gasoline it's gonna be the same as previous ones and they're wrong every time and you know they're wrong because when you walk into the supermarket or there's you know there's an altar message here when you walk into the supermarket what is safe we say if you take the flu shot we'll give you ten percent off your groceries I'm suspicious I can't call I'll give her an order not to shop when I've seen you know third tier modems for selling shops that don't work and yet every year they come out in the Medical Center they say it didn't work this year but you ought to take it anyways because there is evidence that it was worth your while what was the evidence I I just complete review I did all the studies done giving flu vaccine and the results a lot of money to be made but I want you to know that all my children grandchildren are fully immunized against ETP's polio I'm not gonna throw away the wash water the wash water I'm a doctor who's seen a dip yeah tetanus polio I've been around a long time people get on a guy from and I'm gonna give my fans and my family every advantage that you have sold you know another anti vaccination people out there and I feel the same way about uses vaccines but hate everything is okay now but they might not be next week by kids may be living in trenches they may be getting shot at they may be yet infected with smallpox so I'm going to prepare my family for next week and the week after and so on and are also among the world with unprepared immune system all right now so I I think that you should because I don't I have never had much success with flu vaccines so I don't get the shark meat every year yeah and I I I had one one year I had the vaccine I think there are twice in my life I've got the vaccine each time I've gotten sick and I thought I'm not for that week every other time I was well I mean I'm not I'm not saying if they didn't offer a vaccine for this one if they if it was deemed defective that I wouldn't be interested but tell us what you think I only have a minute to get to give me a minute answer on this is if they came to you and said we have a we have a vaccine now four cove in nineteen everybody's got to take it so we can end it would you take it absolutely because there's no antigenic correct so they will be a deluded virus respond to next year when it comes back it's all ready to go knocking out absolutely and then I would be on the front line was already compromised already infected people I'd be out there you know you know I am seventy three years old live all life from I'm waiting for the phone call that said Dr John McDougall your license you know how to put an IV in somebody's arm to god somebody's trachea we want you on the front lines again I have all of my own family right line it could happen it could happen right so we're coming up coming up on the on the top of the hour then after it will give you the numbers you can join the conversation next for Dr John McDougall he says this is the United States we could lose two point two million it's Jamie progresses number one number two employee leave a message at the paging.

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