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People are still dying still is still five happening bonds into whatever you know. It's still a war and I tell everybody like the U. It might be ridiculous. Is this other person. It might be ridiculous but if I think oh who Afghanistan or Iraq or wherever and I can fight them on their turf put. I'm going to do to keep my family safe instead of them. Having the opportunity over here in 'cause another nine eleven I would much rather than than their effort their time their money fighting me on their soil than saving their money and take all their effort into pointing another nine eleven. That's how I viewed it. That's how bought off on it and that's how we tried to get my sides of you when I'm going over there to protect our auditions. Were not going over there to you. Know fight for oil or whatever you will be. Maybe we are. Maybe I don't know I don't feel in the politics of it but if I can go over there and keep then they're fighting me then that's what I'm GonNa do to protect my family being attacked over here that he doesn't and I appreciate you saying that because I struggle with why. We're still there so that that that does help me on a personal level. We can circle back to that but I wanted to. Kinda back a little bit. You said a while back and I think this is critical. You as you said in the very beginning you knew when you came back you kind of know like you know you can say some things. I knew a guy who got out the navy years ago. He refused us up drinking until he did him with you. All the CAC level stuff and all the different alcohol rehabilitation and he just said as long as long as he was in an active duty was going to get us going to get drunk everyday and he did so. There's all kinds there's ways you can get out of this. I knew guys that got out. Who said that they were gay guys? That did that just that. Hey yeah they. They weren't but they said that just to get out and you can people can make that what they will but I say all that to say that you know there's an call gamesmanship but I wanna get to the crux and try to help understand a little bit of what you just ended with. Which is you know you can say that and it will take you down a certain path but there's word you didn't mention but I think I kind of hear it and that's duty and in doing your duty and playing your part in being being part of that group that is that is that you don't want to not do your job for lack of a better expression and especially don't want to not be there for your guys. Can you talk a little bit about the environment? The culture around that in that in that kind of how? That's it's almost unspoken or if it is how's it redressed and kind of help us understand. Why even once? Maybe you started as kind of realize it. I don't WanNA put words in your mouth but even if you even as you do understand those things you still don't want to say something because then it will take you away from being. It's not that you WanNa go there and you enjoy it. I think a lot of this as well. And this may be kind of multifaceted questions and you can take it wherever you want. But you also want to leave your guys. I don't WanNa leave those guys alone. You don't WanNa be the guy staying back while they're going out there especially if you know what's coming you don't WanNa do that right. I mean I never. I always felt that way. We weren't out you know we're not doing crazy stuff or intense stuff but there were. I remember there being a strong. I never wanted to do that. I never wanted to be the guy that didn't pull my weight. And they WANNA be the guy that was a I wanted to be an asset and I want to be asked for my for my other guys and be there for them guys and Gals who I served with. Who who were there? Maybe because a lot of people may see you hear what you single. Well if you're having if you can't even drive by pilot trash you know. What does everybody saying? We'll just go get help. Just go get help Charles so it may not be that easy maybe. Kinda talk a little bit to the culture as to why it wasn't as easy as just saying. Hey I need I need help. Wonder Well I'll take you further back and to why join the military you know that. That's one of the biggest question that people ask on times whenever they find out.

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