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Assassination attempt if he'd been there what we're grants military duties during the postwar reconstruct while very powerful is kind of an untold story because he was still generalinchief a radical republicans in congress um carved the south up into five military districts grant was still general chief saves like czar the south and this freed slaves were winning liberties uh that they wouldn't be seen again for nearly a so it is right that later this is completely you know unknown territory most america's we had a civil rights movement in this country and late 1860s early 1870s the same way we did in the 1950s 1960s handy report that streetcars in new orleans would desegregated in eighteen sixty seven the having was the single most throw a moment of the research letter and eighteen sixty seven general phil sheridan writing to new orleans we desegregated streetcars in new orleans they blacks and whites are happily sitting sidebyside this is there's like you notes of black hole of american memory that this never happened when would they reciprocated um you know by the time that grant left office in eighteen seventy seven the socalled redeemer governments in the south uh had recaptured control of all these by racial states andrew johnson is blamed for many of the problems that happened during reconstruction this is the most racist president we've ever had in history both in public and private regularly use the n word andrew johnson said this is a white man's government felt he and woodrow wilson but even if much more blatant andrew johnson uh his slogan was this is a white man's governed by god as long as on president waitzer young to rule so was grant elected partly in response to johnson well you have simply because he was the most popular he he he he was he was nominated just really weeks after the impeachment johnson was acquitted but right after the impeachment trial of a johnson and grant was like the anti anti johnson and so they're the radical republicans swept them into office and he was the youngest man ever elected president at that time young ford at free was forty six for its existence rudder you you've firm uncovered evidence of grant support for african american rights and education why isn't that bit there's somebody thinks in terms of his record with the african americans uh you know frederick douglass accounted a 250 black employees in one department alone frederick douglass.

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